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Adelaide Noele’s Newborn Photos

Miss Adelaide at 10 days old
I hope this little girl always knows how loved she is, and that she never loses all that dark hair. 
Although if she’s anything like her brother, it’ll rub off in a matter of weeks and she’ll be practically bald for months :0


I snapped these pictures of Elle on Friday afternoon while Lincoln napped and my sister chatted with me from the couch. Once we were done, the two of us settled down for a nap while Linc and Aunt Maddie took to the pool on the deck. I think we might make it a weekly tradition 😉 
But really, is there anything more sweet to photograph than a brand new baby? I’m in love. 

After looking at the pictures I took of Lincoln at 11 days old, I don’t think they look much alike. What do you think? 

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  1. I need your camera. Do you use photo shop or color enhancers on your computer, or does your camera have built in features that do it all. I have no camera and need one. What do you use. And she is precious, like a doll.

    1. Thanks! We think she's pretty darling 🙂

      We shoot with a nikon d610 and all of these were taken with the sigma art 50mm 1.4 lens and then edited in lightroom.

    1. thanks Alexa! she's pretty cute (a little less so at 1 in the morning 😉

    1. thank you thank you! it still blows my mind a bit we have such a tiny little daughter now 🙂