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A Morning in the Orchard

There are few things more quintessentially New England than apple picking in the fall. Over Columbus Day, cousins and aunts from California, Maine, and New York were in town (how convenient that we had my baby shower later that night!) and we treated them to a proper New Hampshire morning.

Never mind that we picked the very last day of the season (pun intended) and that it was a bit chilly, but we all had fun hunting for the last few apples in the orchard, especially the little ones.

I took way too many pictures (there are quite a few more after the jump and another hundred or two on my hard drive) but I couldn’t get over the beauty of the green orchard and the changing leaves in the background. Now that I’m back in Ohio, these have me dreaming of more fall in New England.  Here’s a bit from our morning:

^the Earnshaw sisters (this is one of my favorite pictures of us)

^right beyond the orchard the leaves were changing in full force

^a little 26 week bump and fall layering (these Nine West boots are so so old but have served me well — and there is nothing better than a pair of great boots you don’t mind traipsing through a damp orchard in)

^this trip I was limited to stealing my sisters’ belts (and pajama pants)…nothing else fit 😉

^there were far more apples on the ground than on the trees at this point but that was okay 🙂

^helping our little cousins find the last apples (technically they’re cusbys, our term for cousins’ babies 😉

There’s a whole lot more from our day, outfit details, and a new family nick name after the jump!

^how is this sister of mine already a senior? 
^the only way to reach the apples that were left 
^we ate as we picked 
^whenever I’m in an orchard I can’t help but remember the month my family spent living on a vineyard/orchard in Italy when I was 11…Umbria’s countryside is quite gorgeous but it has nothing on New Hampshire’s foliage 😉
^baby feet and apples …. can it be that one year from now I’ll have a little one this big?? 
^this plaid maternity button down is perfect for this fall pregnancy and has plenty of room to grow with me — it’s definitely something I’ll be wearing up until the end
^so glad these two got over their regular childhood bickering (that was a rough decade :P) … sisters really do make the very best of friends

^I try to convince them to come live with me instead… 
^one happy grandma
^more cute cusbys 
^our haul of apples 
^his favorite part of the whole thing

^sisters (my mom is one of five girls…and it is kind of like having four additional moms scattered throughout the country) 
^after apple picking we stopped at the orchard’s little store and bought some cider to go with our lunch — you don’t get a better dining view than this 🙂

^so there is a very long story behind why my family has taken to calling this unborn babe “Gordie” (no, Gordon is not on a short or long list) … but they insisted on getting a picture of Gordie with the gourds.

Phew! That has got to be the longest post on this little blog – but what a fun day, and what an amazing family I’m blessed with!

oh and outfit details:
sweater: American Eagle (very old – love this similar option)
belt: my sister’s closet
plaid button down: c/o BD Maternity 
denim: c/o PinkBlush Maternity
socks: target
boots: Nine West (they’re from the outlet years ago but these are the closest I could find on their site)

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  1. Apple picking is one of my favorite things ever! I'm so sad that I can't do it here in Texas. I totally love your sisters! Even though I've only met them once, I have such great memories of them 🙂

  2. Sisters ARE the best, and I love seeing pictures of you with your beautiful ones. I also love your perfect fall outfit!