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5 Year Anniversary + Tears

Five years ago I was lying on a beach on Key Largo, or likely indulging in some delicious dinner. We were already reminiscing about our beautiful wedding day (and we haven’t stopped since).

I’ve changed a lot in five years of marriage (and five years of life), and Ben is quire different than that skate-boarding Californian I didn’t expect to fall in love with. Our evenings no longer involve homework breaks at the rock climbing gym or midnight mcflurry runs. We don’t get to meet up on campus for lunch anymore or take off at the end of each semester on a road trip. We don’t have to spend late nights writing papers or grading papers, and we aren’t woken up by loud neighbors living above us.

Instead our evenings involve grad school applications and business strategizing, with as many popsicles as we can eat. Meals are an adventure of their own these days, figuring out how to get Lincoln to finish his food, and we’ve traded the end of semester road-trips for new countries with old friends. Our late nights are spent fast asleep and we’re almost always woken up by someone across the hall, but they’re much cuter than our college neighbors (and much tinier ;).

Life looks very different than it did five years ago. It’s harder now, and much more rewarding. There are more tears (pregnancy hormones. post-partum hormones. all the hormones). There are tears when my first baby asks to hold my second, and is helped up onto the couch by his dad. There are tears, late at night, when Ben bounces Adelaide and I listen to their little conversation from the bed. There are tears when our wedding song comes on in the car, because life now is so much more beautiful than I imagined it being, back on that hot August day 5 years ago.

Oh how I love being married to Benjamin. And how I love getting to raise our babies with him. Those three bring me more tears of joy (and exhaustion), that I thought possible.


Our anniversary was low key this year, just a quick movie + downtown stroll + takeout. We rushed right home to little Adelaide and a giggling Lincoln and my heart felt so full. It is not infrequent that I get a bit overwhelmed or frustrated these days, by the lack of time, or the lack of sleep, or the lack of peace and quiet — but the time and the sleep and the peace and are all spent on the three most wonderful people, my people, and I’m so grateful for that day in August five years ago that we started it all.

Ben spoiled me with some of my favorite things along with a bouquet Lincoln picked out all on his own. I almost surprised him with this gorgeous new watch, until he opened the package a few days early without realizing what it was. My Daniel Wellington timepiece is the accessory, aside from my wedding ring, that I wear the most often so, when picking a gift for Ben, it was a natural choice. Plus, it can be a nice reminder of the time that has passed, and the time that lies ahead of us (makes for a cheesy anniversary card, but the good kind of cheesy ;). Here’s a few more pictures from our afternoon:

My blouse: Sheinside, c/o (more Shein reviews and shopping tips here.)
crossbody: Kate Spade via thredUP
shoes: J.Crew (I have these flats in four colors because they’re that good)
watch: Daniel Wellington, c/o


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  1. How beautiful! It's funny how people and situations can grow and change, but you love them just the same or even more. Really love that! I'd love to see some more relationship posts from you when you have time!


    India | youtube.com/booksandbighair