48 hours in NYC – girls trip!

Last weekend a group of us moms packed an overnight back and drove down to NYC for a quick 48 hours away.

A few girls had lived in the city before school and they did the bulk of the planning. Plus, it was so fun to see them back in their New York element! It made you love that city while also being really glad you don’t live their with kids in the winter.

It was restaurant week and broadway week which is a great time to get 2 for 1 shows and discounted set menus at lots of restaurants. It was also COLD with highs in the twenties and plenty of wind.

We spent the weekend walking, museuming, and eating (SO much eating). It was a treat to spend time with so many fun, talented, inspiring, kind, friends. The biggest privilege of this business school experience has been learning from and being served by them.

Here’s what we fit into our 48 hours –


48 hour girls trip to NYC


7pm: Drive to city, check into our hotel, and walk to pizza (at Rays? Joes?). We stayed right in Times Square and I was so impressed with the girls who drove right into the city.


8:30 Grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel.

Walked to the Frick (such a beautiful space and collection but small enough to see in a morning).

A quick stop at Lauderee for macarons for later.

Cab to lunch at Brasserie 8 1/2 (the mini baugettes! and the mushrooms!). The food was delicious and the space was really neat.

Stop at that Mayson Kaiser bakery for an almond croissant and Magnolia bakery for pudding.

2pm Subway and cab to the Tennement museum for a sweat shop tour. This was the most impactful part of the trip for me. We saw two apartments where immigrant working families lived (450 square foot one bedroom walkups without running water where families of 8 lived AND worked). It was a good reality check for me and reminded me to be grateful for my third floor walkup with 750 square feet, brand new appliances, and unlimited running water (and that Ben doesn’t bring three colleagues to work all day in our living room).

Eat at a million different bakeries before dinner (Russ & Daughters for chocolate Babka, Economy Candy for treats for the kids and for the show, Sugar Sweet Sunshine for more delicious pudding, and Supermoon Bakehouse for cruffins).

Dinner at Beauty and Essex. This restaurant use to be a speakeasy and you enter through a pawn shop before it opens into a beautiful restaurant. The salmon was delicious and the bathroom is worth a visit.

Cab to broadway show. I saw “Mean Girls” and while the first act was a little crude (enjoyable and a good ode to the movie) the second act was AWESOME! It had us dancing in our seats, cheering on the cast, and feeling all the things. They did a great job tying in some meaningful themes that you don’t get from the movie.



Another quick breakfast at the hotel.

Walk to the Morgan Library. We weren’t expecting the Tolkein exhibit which was fascinating but the coolest part was just browsing the personal collections of Piermont Morgan (including a Gutenburg bible and a first edition Book of Mormon!).

Walk to brunch at The Robert. The view at this restaurant was unbeatable.

Walk to Neue museum. Only one gallery was open on Saturday but it was fun to learn about the history behind the iconic Lady in Gold painting (portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer).

Cab back to hotel to pack up before a late checkout.

Stop at Sweet Green (we needed some vegetables) and Levain cookies on our way out of the city.

^part of the view from brunch at The Robert

^freezing thighs and fast walking through the city 

^clearly I missed the black jacket memo – love these girls (and missed the ones that couldn’t come) 

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  1. This looks perfect!! Heading for a girls trip next week and plan to try many of your suggestions!! Going to add in a yoga class, run in Central Park and a stroll down the High line to balance out the trips to bakeries!!

  2. Thank you for the article – my friends and I had dinner at the Robert and went to the Morgan Library because if it! Both great! Crazy city – we were having cocktails at a rooftop place calle 230 Fifth and met a woman who was writing a book about questions women have about men and she sent us a man the next day to ask anything we wanted and he answered!!! Last dinner was Beauty and Essex – also amazing! Thanks!

    1. I am so glad you loved + used these recs! And what a crazy/ fun experience running into that woman!