14 Outdoor Winter Date Ideas

outdoor winter date ideas

Part of my goals for the new year is to be more intentional with my time with Ben. We spend an awful lot of time under the same roof, but that doesn’t always translate into meaningful time together. Today I’m sharing a few of the outdoor date’s we’ve planned for the next few months, with the hopes that we get through all of them.

Our Winter Date List:

  1. Go ice-skating at an outdoor rink. The square in downtown turns into an ice-skating rink during the winter and Ben and I are going to make a date of it, complete with hot chocolate and hand holding. 
  2. Build a snowman. It was a little too cold and we were a little too sick for snow man building while we were home in NH but we’re determined to create at least one little round guy this season! 
  3. Cross country skiing. Without an abundance of mountains here in Ohio, I think we’ll stick with cross country skiing this season. 
  4. Snow Graffiti. It involves spray bottles, food coloring, and a little artistic flair. Fill your spray bottles with water and drops of food coloring and take to the snow. 
  5. Moonlit snow walk. I love how after a snow storm, even the night seems light with the moon reflecting off the snow. 
  6. Winter morning hike. More walking, I know, but we spend so little time outside in the winter. 
  7. Cold Weather Picnic. I’ll pack up some hot chocolate or herbal tea along with hot sandwiches wrapped in foil and we’ll bundle up for a cozy winter picnic at the park. 
Some other ideas we’d love to get around to:
  • sledding! 
  • tubing
  • night skiing (have you ever been? I really like it.)
  • take a sleigh or carriage ride
  • visit a cold weather farmers market
  • campfire (they’re not just for the summer you know)
  • snow shoeing 
outdoor winter date ideas
outdoor winter date ideas

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  1. Such cute ideas! One of my New Years Resolutions is to spend more time outside, and these are wonderful excursion ideas. Hope you two get to try them out and experience the nice, wintry setting in each others' company. (:

  2. My boyfriend and I are always looking for new date ideas and I think these are great. We love going on picnics in the summer so maybe we will have to try your winter version!

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