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Baby’s First Day at the Beach

So maybe May in New Hampshire isn’t the best time for Baby’s first beach day, but I’m not sure when we’ll be back by the ocean this summer so we ventured out anyway. The trip was the final part of a fun collaboration with Target Baby through Socialstars – you can see past posts of Bella for Target Baby here, here, and here (they are some of my favorite pictures of Lincoln yet). Thank you so much for stopping by and helping fun projects like this possible!



A few things I want to remember about our time on the coast:
  • The weather was nice but the wind was CHILLY!
  • Linc seemed to like having the and between his toes –  He squished those feet around in the warm sand for as long as I had him sitting there.
  • There are few things cuter than chubby babies in swim suits.
  • After walking down by the water and playing in the sand for a few minutes, Lincoln promptly fell asleep in the wrap for a few hours. Apparently he’s got the sleeping on the beach thing down 😉
  • We fed  him with a towel over him to keep the wind out of his face and my little cousin kept trying to sneak under the towel too 🙂

I know they tell you to treasure every moment and that they grow up too fast – but each new stage with this baby is my favorite, so at the moment I’m okay with time continuing to pass. I wonder how old he’ll be the next time we make it to the New Hampshire coast?

Here are some pictures of baby and me at the beach – I’m finally starting to make progress on his nautical nursery and I’m thinking of picking a few of these to make into little canvas for above the changing table:



^”Mom, can we please just play instead of taking pictures..” or “it really is my nap time….” or “I’m working on my model pout” 
^the first sand between his chubby toes

^those little anchors though  (Target had similar baby swim trunks in red too – and everything else you could need for a day at the beach)

All of Linc’s swim stuff is from Target (and I may have picked up a few extra suits because they had too many cute options to just choose one). I continue to get most of Lincoln’s baby things from Target because they have everything I need in one place at a good value. We may not be heading back to the ocean this summer, but I’m excited to get some use out of these at the pool and in the sprinklers this summer!

Linc’s swim trunks // Linc’s swim shirt (in store) // Linc’s hat (in store) // beach towel 

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    1. he's ALMOST sitting (well, maybe not – but he loves sitting up with a little help) – if you look closely you can see my hand supporting him but at a quick glance it blends right into the sand 🙂 you're right though, he is getting so big so quickly! Thanks dara 🙂

  1. What a cutie! Love these pictures! And I love that you and Linc are color-coordinated. Did you do that on purpose? Makes the pictures look so put-together! I need to remember that for when I take my little man to the beach this summer. 🙂

    1. I was pretty excited that we both had anchor swim suits – but mine was the only suit I had with me so there weren't very many options 🙂 Generally though, I'm a huge fan of color coordinating with baby …today we both wore pink to church 🙂

    1. Of course we have the same swim suit 🙂 I bought it on a great clearance even though I was pregnant last summer so I was excited to finally get to wear it 🙂