A Day in Cambridge

more adventures from our recent New England trip last month

My first memory of Harvard campus is my sophomore year of high school, when some of our biology class spent a day in their undergraduate labs (DNA separation by fragment size and lunch in a cafeteria). Junior year, there was the occasional lecture followed by P.F. Chang’s or Cold Stone in the city and senior year we talked our way into prospective student passes and grabbed lunch with a friend in the freshman dining hall (the Annenburg dining hall looks like Hogwards, guys. Its amazing). Somewhere in there there was also ice-skating on the outdoor rink at the law school, an art museum visit, and sneaking off from a school tour to see a friend’s new dorm room.

None of them were quite as fun as wandering the beautiful spring campus with an eager Benjamin and a very-missed Carly. Here’s the day in pictures:

^Carly just happened to be in Boston visiting her family (her and her husband Ryan were our neighbors for two years in Utah and we miss them something dreadful) – it was such a treat to have her meet us on campus for the afternoon!

^Somehow, I’d never spent any time in Cambridge in the spring and my goodness, it is something else. There were blossoms everywhere and it seemed something out of a storybook. 
We got lunch in one of the many business school cafeterias and I’m so glad we opted to eat here instead of finding a little hole-in-the-wall place in Cambridge like I’d originally planned. Not only was the grilled-cheese bar delicious, the whole place was gorgeous. I guess you get to eat like kings when you pay $50,000 a year to go to school?

^An emergency exit in the cafeteria.

^grilled cheese + kale and walnut salad for lunch
^this was the floor! 

^While Benjamin headed off to a meeting with a faculty member, Carly and I did a little exploring and catching up
^we also snapped a few baby bump pictures because I couldn’t help myself – her little girl is due in September!

^We met up with Ben and talked briefly with Clayton Christensen after their meeting – really such a kind, brilliant, and humble man. 
^there’s a baby in there! I feel pretty lucky that two of our best friends from college are having babies the same time we did (one had a baby boy a few weeks after Lincoln and then Carly is due in just a few months) 

^when you show up matching with your bff 🙂

It was a wonderful day.
(minus the traffic we hit getting back to our little Lincoln)

pink sweater: J.Crew (same in a blush pink …but a bit pricey – I thrifted mine)
shirt: J.Crew
denim: Lucky Brand (my most-worn pants)
shoes: Sperry Top-Sider
jacket: GAP (loving this one in white)

P.S. I’m dipping my toes into video and have spent the past few days putting together a little one of Lincoln  – I can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow!

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    1. thanks friend! It was our first day shooting with our new camera so we took quite a few 🙂

  1. These pictures are so lovely! Are you guys thinking of doing another degree at Harvard in a couple years? How fabulous would that be?!

    1. Ben's looking into MBA options …. and this new england girl is crossing her fingers (and saying lots of prayers) for an east coast school… we'll see!

  2. Looks like such a gorgeous campus. Isn't it so fun to dream of where you could be in a few years?

    1. so so fun. although it will be a bit sad to be back in school and not be in lovely provo! I always look back on our utah time as some of my favorite 🙂

  3. I visited Cambridge once and I swear it's one of my favorite places ever. It was snowing and absolutely gorgeous!

    1. well if we end up in boston you'll just have to come visit then!