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Lincoln’s Toddler Summer Bucket List

love these fun and cheap toddler activity ideas for when you're running out of things to do

Thanks for your words of encouragement as we said goodbye to family yesterday. We’re all adjusting to life as a family of four over here and while we’ve geared up for it to be a rather sleepless summer, I’m hoping we manage to have some fun as well. I’ve rounded up a list of activities I’m excited to do with Lincoln over the next month and a half that don’t require a ton of planning or spending on my part. Some of them are new and some of them are tried-and-true favorites from the past two months, but if you have a toddler around they might give you a bit of inspiration too.

1. Rotate Bins of Toys. A mom in a Facebook group I’m in explained how she does this regularly, and I’ve realized how brilliant it is. We’ve been quickly amassing large quantities of toys over here but they’re all just in two big baskets (one in the living room and one in Lincoln’s bedroom). I’m planning on sorting through them and dividing the toys into at least three groups and switching out the baskets/groups every two days or so. This way he has something “new” to play with and we’ll get more use out of the toys we already have.

2. Washi Tape Race Track: I’ve been on the hunt for activities I can do with Lincoln inside when it is just too hot to be out (or for times like now when I’m really not up for dragging myself and a newborn out of the house). He’s obsessed with cars right now, so I think this one would be a huge hit. There’s a great example of a fun one I’m going to try to replicate here.

3. DIY Water Table: I’m all about activities that get us outside but don’t require leaving the house, so this one seems perfect. You can buy elaborate water tables online, but I’m thinking a bunch of different sized cups and bowls, plenty of water, and maybe some colored ice cubes to keep it interesting. I found some good inspiration here.

4. Embrace the Sprinker and Ditch the Clothes: Again, another activity that doesn’t require leaving the house but gets you outside. Lincoln LOVES playing in the sprinkler, and at least half the time we skip the swim diaper and swim suit and just go au natural for an hour or so.

5. Local Park Passport: A girl in a local moms group shared one for our community, but I love the idea of finding a list of your local parks and then checking them off throughout the summer. It’ll get you out of your usual routine and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite.

6. Build a Fort: This is another one perfect for a rainy afternoon or when its too hot to be outside. Lincoln thinks everything from reading stories to building with blocks is more fun underneath a blanket so it is a great way to extend the life of your usual indoor activities.

7. Break Out the Bubbles: I have yet to meet a toddler who doesn’t love bubbles. We do them indoors and outdoors, and I have grand plans to invest in one of those little bubble machines at some point so Lincoln can have all the same fun while I just sit and watch (and by that, I mean take care of the second child).

8.  Sidewalk Chalk: I’m not sure why we haven’t jumped on the chalk bandwagon yet, but I’m hoping Lincoln loves this as much as my friends’ kids. Now I just need to fence in my driveway so I can sit down and feed a baby while the toddler colors freely.

9. Get Creative in the Kitchen: Lincoln is always eager to help whenever I’m cooking (and by “help,” I generally mean taste-test whatever is on the menu), so I’m excited to get him a bit more involved this summer. Now that he’s hit a pretty picky-eating phase, one thing I can count on him eating is smoothies. I’m looking forward to trying different fruit-and-veggie combos and crossing my fingers he keeps up his willingness to drink anything.

And in honor of Lincoln and his bucket list, this is basically his ideal outing: Dad + Outdoors –

love these fun and cheap toddler activity ideas for when you're running out of things to do





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