Fourth of July on Gooch’s Beach

We’ve now been here long enough to start being able to do the same annual things twice. We moved to the East Coast at the end of June last year and spend the Fourth of July up with my family in Kennebunkport, Maine. It was one of those days, after the chaos of moving, that solidified how happy I was to be back here, surrounded by family.

This year, we were up at Gooch’s beach again, with even MORE family (the count was at 29!). As my babies played with my cousin’s babies on the steps we all used to eat popsicles on after a long day of playing in the waves, it felt like home. There is so much about this season of life that feels new and rushed and exciting….so I’m incredibly grateful for the rare moments that feel slow and familiar.

The morning of the fourth Lincoln slept until 7:30 and Adelaide didn’t wake up until 8:30. It’s the latest she’s slept, ever, and one of a very very small handful of times she’s woken up after Lincoln.

So we had a slower than anticipated start and didn’t pull out of Boston until almost nine am. We arrived sometime before 11,  just in time to hug cousins, lather on the sunscreen, and head to the beach.

The kids loved the water. Adelaide preferred the waves while being held and both of them could have spent all day playing in the ocean. I could get them to play in the sand for a few minutes…but inevitably they’d stand up and make another run toward the tide.

We enjoyed an afternoon back at the house with food, attempted (failed) naps, games, and plenty of good company before another late afternoon beach trip (the perks of just having to walk through the yard and across the street). There was a patriotic poetry recitation and Grandpa favored us with the declaration of independence. It reminded me how grateful I am to be raising these babies amid so much freedom and opportunity.

I hope you had a wonderful fourth of july!

Lots more pictures: 

^my sweet grandparents …. 90+ and can still beat us all at cards 

^Adelaide loves her Aunt Coly

^does it count as a picture of the three sisters if the third sister took the picture? 

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  1. These pictures are all so fun! I’m glad you guys had an awesome fourth!