Backyard Date Night

Long weekends are the things dreams are made of.

At least my dreams after yesterday 

It was magical having Ben home for three days straight (and with visitors last weekend and me being in New Hampshire for three weeks before that, it was the first weekend we’ve had as just the three of us in a while). We didn’t check everything off our lengthy to-do list but there were lots of baby giggles, plenty of snuggling, and naps for all three of us.

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day (because we were apart two weeks ago) and I woke up to a very handsome waiter in a coat and tie ready to take my breakfast order. He even had a cute little menu printed out detailing all my options for main dishes and sides. Wanna know the best gift though? If only you could hear the giggles coming through this picture I shared on instagram, you’d get the heart melting that happened Sunday.

Monday baby boy saved his giggles for me, and after a memorial day picnic, some attempted outdoor water fun, and a few other things, we put the baby to bed and had a little date night just the two of us (yay for babies who go to bed at 6:30!). We rented Pitch Perfect from Amazon (we can’t wait to see Pitch Perfect 2!) and I’d forgotten that Fat Amy is possibly the funniest character this decade. I hope she’s as hysterical in the second one… and that she adds another “non-exercise” to my routine (horizontal running anyone??). 

^p.s. did you know the camera on the back of your phone is a lot better than the one on the front? I’ve started taking pictures with it instead because the ones inside of me and linc with the forward facing camera just weren’t cutting it

^bokeh sunsets 

^can you spot the blurry popcorn hoarder?

and because Ben’s awesome:

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  1. Cuties! Sounds like a fun night together 🙂 And I'm still dying for a home tour!