An Afternoon at Faneuil Hall

I fall more in love with the city of Boston every time we’re there. Maybe its because some point in the next two years we’ll move and it is fun to picture what our life could be like there, or maybe its because our first time in Boston together was just a few days before our wedding and it brings back the pre-wedding giddiness. Whatever it is though, it was so fun to spend our first time in the city as a family of three and walk around with little Linc. If he could, he’d remember how I told him about the fun day his dad and I had here, our last city outing as an engaged couple. He’d remember the story of kissing in the fountain and the debacle about the pasta. He’d remember hearing about the gelato in the North End and the promise that someday we’d take him to get some too.

here’s the old post from YEARS ago about our trip to Boston before the wedding – my goodness we looked like babies! 

Here are just a few too many pictures from our time in Faneuil Hall (I’ve had to look that up every time I’ve tried to spell it in the past decade…). The weather was a bit chilly for May but we had fun anyway 🙂

^always fun to have some live music – and Lincoln loved watching/listening to the street performers 
^oh this guy <3
^it took a lot of self control not to pack these beauties in my suitcase when I came home #momsclosetwin
^jogging strollers are awesome (we don’t actually have a regular stroller) – but the suspension on this was great for getting over the uneven surfaces throughout the city

^we didn’t eat a wagamama this time…but if you ever get the chance, think of me and enjoy some delicious/fast asian food 
^we totally have this same picture from almost four years ago (if it had been warmer I would have pulled Linc out of the stroller to be in it too…but I spared him 🙂 
^I love how attentive this guy is to our baby sometimes … most nights he asks if we can go in together and check on our “little guy” after Lincoln is asleep and it makes my heart melt a little 🙂

^ #dudesgottalent

^watching the street performers with dad

^more street performer watching (and I spy a baby wearing mama!)
^we warmed up inside Faneuil Hall (they have an awesome assortment of different ethnic foods + treats) and Ben tried his hand at this fun piano …. it wasn’t exactly up to snuff 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 

on me:
Jacket: Prada (via my mom’s closet)
denim: Lucky Brand
shoes; mom’s closet (gotta love stealing your mother’s clothes 😉 
crossbody: Liz Claiborne
diaper bag: Petunia Pickle Bottom, c/o (love this bag)

on Ben:
jacket: Brookes Brothers 
polo: Banana Republic
denim: GAP
shoes: Sperry Top Sider


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  1. I love Boston! We always went into the city after a day at the temple in high school and it's just my favorite major city! Living there one day would be a dream!

    1. Oh what took you to Boston? As a first time visitor what did you see? I'm so glad you loved it!