Worry (go ahead, call me judgmental)

I worry.

Sometimes I worry about tonight’s dinner, or tomorrow’s paper, or next week’s test.
Other times its about next year’s job or some year’s baby.

But usually the worry is left for other people. I have great confidence in my ability to do what I intend to (on a big scale, day to day, I’m actually quite terrible at this). I also have great confidence in God loving me enough to tell me what that should be. I don’t know how it will work out, but someway it will. I’ll probably mess up on A LOT of little things along the way, but the big things I”ll be okay on. So, mostly, I don’t worry about us.

But what about other people? What if they don’t know what makes them happy? Or they can’t hear when He is talking? What if you love them so much you don’t just want their life to be great, you want it to be incredible? You want to hug them when they hurt and have them never let it happen again. You want them to be everything they could ever be. You want them to see themselves the way He does, the way you try to.

But you can’t say much, because that’s judgmental. You can’t claim to know all the answers because you listen for you, not for them. You can’t know what they should be doing or exactly how to help them be happy. You can’t really do anything but and worry.

Well, you can love them.

and so I love you.
so very, very much.

photos: me and hanna by KNW 

And yes, I am aware that to some of you this might sound incredibly judgmental, but I hold that I can love someone, worry about them, see that they’re unhappy with some of the things they’re choosing, and not think that I’m at all better than them (because lets be seriously, I’m not). What do you think? It is absurd of me to worry about things for other people? It is silly that it is easier for me to stop worrying about myself than them (I am inside my own head after all, and not theirs)? I want your opinion. Reassure me, correct me, criticize me …. lets hear it. 

What do you worry about?


  1. I'm a worrier. I've been trying to find a balance. So I don't know if it's good or bad, but I do the same thing. A lot.

  2. I could have written this post word for word. Seriously. I don't think we're crazy, but then again, we totally could be. šŸ™‚

    Found your blog from c.jane's link today. Thanks for a great post!

  3. I was seriously thinking about writing a blog post about worrying and anxiety, so I loved reading this. I feel the exact same way with you on a lot of these things, I worry if other's will do the right thing.

  4. I don't think this post was judgmental at all! If anything, it's just showing other people how your faith in God allows you to place your trust in him and not worry. You wish for others to experience that same thing. Not judgmental at all!

  5. I worry all the time but mostly about the pregnancy and the baby being okay, or that something will happen to Dalin or my family while I'm away from them. But prayer truly comforts me.

  6. not judgmental. I'm a worrier to the extreme. About everything and everyone. Luckily my boyfriend is waaay more laid back and reminds me to slow down and embrace the current moment for what it is.

  7. oh elisabeth, my dear dear friend. I want to talk to you forever. I want to call you and have like a three hour conversation. I want to curl up on your couch (do you have a couch?) and drink cups and cups of tea (or decaf tea? hot cocoa?) and taaalk and talk and talk. Your love for God is so so beautiful to me and we share that love in such different ways but your love truly radiates. It's truly remarkable.

    (unrelated) Did you get my letter?

  8. oh MAN – I'm so glad you wrote this. I know we've been debating a bit on Twitter (which I love) and I'm actually writing something about that and then you wrote this and the thing I'm writing is about this too so now I feel better about it all. I'll email you when it's done because I want to run it by you before I publish it, but this makes me much less nervous than I was before.

    #vaguecomment haha šŸ™‚

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