Woes of growing up: doctors

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Collective Bias and Walgreens but all opinions are my own, promise šŸ™‚ 

I’ve loved spending this weekend at home and feeling like one of the kids again. With Caleb home the family dynamic seems to revert back two years (or more) and with a mother who cooks for me, I feel like twelve years old. Today though, we’re back on the road en route to Cincinnati where we’re embracing adulthood. It has its perks, but one thing I’ve been dreading since moving here is figuring out all our medical stuff. Now that we’re off our parents’ insurance and in a new place, I need to find dentists and doctors (and this is when adulthood starts getting overrated). I was excited to hear that Walgreens’ is opening health clinics in many of their stores (we have one right down the street) and looked into it last week to see if they’d work for us.

I really love that we can use Walgreens until we find a local doctor that we like and trust. If anything happened to us right now I would have no idea what doctor to go to and I hear urgent care is incredibly expensive despite insurance. Walgreens Healthcare Clinics will be perfect for our transition here in the midwest and give me the time to figure out who I want for our primary care physician (the clinic coordinates with your primary care provider if a Walgreens trip happens to be easier/cheaper and you already have a doctor!). Here are a few other benefits I liked:

There are lots of reasons why Walgreens Healthcare Clinics might be more convenient for you. You can check out their services, their locations, and their prices on their website (you can even schedule appointments or check the wait time for walk-ins online).  #healthcareclinic

I’m not sure when I became old enough to think about doctors and healthcare providers and I’m not entirely sure that I like it. I am grateful for things that make it easy like Walgreens clinics – maybe growing up won’t be so bad after all.You can see more pictures from my visit to the clinic here, but I’m curious, how did you guys choose your first doctor? Any tips? 

P.S. The top picture is one of my favorite pictures from my post coming later today so if good healthcare isn’t your thing, I”ll have something for you today too šŸ™‚ 


  1. I never really went to the doctor once I got out of high school. When I got married, I didn't go to the doctor. It wasn't until I needed a referral that I did (I had to go to a regular doctor then be referred to who I really needed). Anyway, my husband actually picked her out for me! He looked at the ones available in the network, looked at their picture, and then their reviews online!

  2. I've been finding my own doctors here in Provo since I came to college and I love HealthGrades.com. I've found it to be pretty accurate. Good luck!

  3. My husband moved to a new city before we were married, and he started going to a doctor complex that is associated with the University he works for. He really liked the internal medicine doctor he saw. When I moved in, I just made an appointment with one of the obgyns in the same complex, and liked her when I saw her. Then I made an appt with the internal medicine doctor from my husband's referral. It's usually a shot in the dark, and if we don't like a doctor after visiting the first time, we'll go somewhere else next time.

  4. I'm SO fickle about doctors. I would rather find a new tattoo artist than find a new OB/GYN. I get sinus infections with every change of the season thanks to my insane allergies and I want someone who will help me be proactive about not getting them. I want someone kinda natural and with a sense of humor. I want someone who makes me feel like their only patient. I went to a healthcare clinic recently and she made me feel just like that. I think I will go back. šŸ™‚ Good luck finding a doctor!

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