Why I’m Getting Married In A Temple

The Kirtland Temple

So my family is on this long car trip with the ultimate destination of Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a family reunion. But, we’ve decided to make good use of our stops. Last night we were in Palmyra, NY for the wonderful HIll Cumorah Pageant, and today we took our longer stop in Kirtland, OH. A lot happened in the little town of Kirtland, a lot more than I usually think about when I think of the small town the pioneers lived in a time on their journey across america to Utah. But today we had the opportunity to visit a few historical sites, including the Kirtland Temple. Mormon temples and different than regular churches where sunday meetings are held. It is in temples that the most sacred and holy promises are made and ordinances are performed. The Kirtland Temple was the first temple built in hundreds of years (they had temples in the times of Christ) – and it was no easy task for the poor pioneers to build such a structure. They sacrificed all their material wealthy, their time, and their efforts to obey this command of the Lord to build a temple. Why? Because they were obedient, and because they understood the tremendous blessings of having a temple.

Over the past few weeks that I’ve been home there have been a lot of questions about our wedding ceremony. Most people aren’t offended that they aren’t invited to our intimate gathering but they’re usually confused or appalled that I would choose to get married at a place where even my little sisters will not be in attendance. What I get to explain to them is that the temple is not just a location, its not just a beautiful building, it is in reality the house of the Lord. One can go to the temple when they are worthy and ready to make sacred promises to the Lord. Someday my sisters will go there too and when they do, I will be living my life in a way that I’ll be able to be there with them.

The Boston Temple where we’ll be married

 In the temple on our wedding day there will be no processional down an isle, there will be no band playing a wedding march – there will a gathering of family in a smaller room who watch as my love and I kneel at an altar and make promises to God. Because you see, marriage isn’t just about husband and wife – it isn’t just about me and Ben, and it isn’t just for the next couple decades. What we are about to do is create an eternal unit; we will enter into a covenant, a series of two way promises, with God.  It is called a sealing, and it is during this ordinance that we will be sealed to each other for all time, and for all eternity. Afterwards there will be a reception filled with dancing and food and laughter, but through all of that preparation and excitement, the thing that really matters is that we will be one before the Lord, and that we will be one forever.

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