When you’re too far away to hold …

The internet is being much too slow, and I can’t possibly talk about how wonderful it was to spend this weekend with my family without showing you pictures, so I’m writing to my other family member – the one that’s a little too far away.

Dear Ben,
Thank you. Thank you for being so kind to me even when I clearly don’t deserve it. Thank you for loving the person I’m becoming and having to sometimes overlook the person I still am. Thanks for always encouraging me to be better, but loving me for exactly who I am. Thank you for teaching me by example ways to be better, happier, and closer to Him. Thanks for cooking dinner when I’m just too tired, and doing dishes when I don’t think I can. Thanks for taking study breaks just to hold me. Thanks for encouraging me to do what I love, and for sacrificing to send me all the way out to New York for this conference. Thank you for being so supportive and making my goals your goals. Thanks for making me feel important (especially when you’re with all your friends but you don’t let me hang up the phone). Thank you for being the man I am so in love with, and the one I can’t wait to see next week. Thanks for being better than I ever could have asked for.
I love you more,

P.S. If I were home, this would be in our love book. So go read that now too.

Engagements, June 2011


  1. how sweet!
    sounds like you two have a pretty good thing going.

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