When you get to pick the brain of a blogging expert…

Last week Bonnie picked me up for a little date at the Orem library to hear C.Jane talk about blogging. It was fun listening to her speak but as usual, my favorite part was mingling with people afterwards.

A few takeaways from the night:
  • To keep blogging fulfilling remember:”Its for me first…when I start writing for an audience response I become a different blogger.”
  • Find things to inspire you to make sure you have your “heart ready everyday.”
  • “Your creativity or Genius can be trained.”
  • When dealing with criticism: “If its not true, don’t let it bother you. If it is true, learn from it.”
  • To grow a readership being charming won’t work 😛 Make sure you have consistent style and content.
  • Guest posting, writing “shareable” content, and covering social media platforms will give you great exposure.
  • “Write something you LOVE!”
The world is full of stories – choose how you want to tell them. 
I love that. Blogging is our own way to interpret and record the stories that make up life. We may not always get to chose the story, but we can choose how we write it, and how we live with it.

Have you met bloggers in real life?
How do you deal with negative feedback?


  1. I love this. I met a few bloggers in real life–and loved both of them tons!! Negative feedback is tricky. At first, I was pretty saddened by it but now, it's so so so completely different! SO different. In a great way. Because like she said, if it's not true, don't let it bother you. . . or learn from it. I LOVE that advice.


  2. Loved this post!

    "We may not always get to chose the story, but we can choose how we write it, and how we live with it."

    What a great way to sum it all up!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Love "When dealing with criticism: "If its not true, don't let it bother you. If it is true, learn from it." Something to remember in all aspects of life, not just blogging.
    I haven't met any bloggers in real life (well, unless my sister & a friend count, but I knew them before they were blogging!), it feels like bloggers in my area are few and far between. That sounds like it would've been a great session to listen to!

  4. great post!! I have met blgogers and it's always funny to hear them talk about their experiences. Every blogger goes through the writer blocks, the negative comments, the real life-internet life struggle!

  5. I feel like you already follow so many of these advice pieces. It's one of the reasons I absolutely adore your blog – your style and voice are so unique and wonderful. I never feel like you're trying to "charm" your readers, you're just charming on your own. The photos are great too – it's almost like you all color coordinated!

  6. That seems like really good advice. I'm trying to get into the swing of blogging by writing 4x a week. I don't always make it to 4 posts, but baby steps!

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