When we spend our Saturday ruining our table

Turns out you are supposed to mix the stain. Mix it. How the heck was I supposed to know that. Oh, its on the instructions? I only read the first two lines then I gave them to Ben to read. Its not my fault he thought I said read the paper on the top that I also handed him.

Our beautiful Crate and Barrel kitchen table is now an ugly shade of black and the leaves are a beautiful cherry color. Espresso stain my butt.  (sorry, mom)

^^(Just in case you thought life around here was any shade of perfect – like I do half the time.) I’m hoping those homemade Oreos I made (thanks to instagram inspiration from this lovely lady) will make up for it. Or maybe an episode of West Wing, but I do think Ben is rather sick of that show by now.

To report back on yesterday’s ‘choosing HAPPY’ goal – I managed to indeed wake up in time to make it to morning aerobics and turn into one very sweaty beast. I got dressed wearing a favorite blouse, but while getting ready I did cave and put on an episode of West Wing (you can now see why Ben hates it, every time we sit down to watch it he’s missed another few episodes). I did make good progress on my political philosophy course but did not eat lunch downtown, or even go downtown for that matter. I also got a lovely comment asking what in the world I do with my life that gives me the freedom to make a morning exercise class and try somewhere new for lunch.

I’d like to point out that there are thousands of people who have 
full time jobs who exercise before work and take their lunch 
breaks at cafes near the office, I just don’t happen to be one of them. 

And after that side note I don’t really feel like continuing my rant how I am in fact a contributing member to society who is finishing her undergraduate career online and helping pay the bills through blogging while thoroughly enjoying my flexibility and this pre-children time with my hardworking husband. 
The pictures are thanks to K for this post last winter but given the mood when I reached the bottom of the stain can and the reconciliation over West Wing and oreos a little later, the pair seemed appropriate. 


  1. Today at Blog Elevated one of the speakers reminded us not to listen to "Drive By Trolls" – people that randomly show up to leave comments. People can be seriously pathetic! It is hard not to let it get to you though. One time some sweetheart stopped by ours to say we were bible-thumping weirdos, made fun of my friend for being a stay at home mom, and told us that we were both losers for being forced to be frugal since we don't have college degrees. Joke's on her, we both have Bachelor's degrees. Okay, now my rant is over! šŸ™‚ There is no reason you should not be able to do fun things in your free time between work and school! xoxo

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I'm yesterday's comment, and I'm really sorry – I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or imply that you are somehow not a "contributing member of society." I was only wondering what your life looks like (and it's cool to know that you can support yourself by blogging, which is why I had asked). When you lifestyle blog, your readers will probably have questions about your life since it's your primary content source, and asking "do you have a day job that you don't blog about?" seemed reasonable to me at the time. I meant no harm and I apologize that I hurt you by asking.

  3. dear anonymous,

    thanks for coming back and commenting! i always worry if anonymous commenters ever get my responses (i responded that day in the comment section to you). thanks for asking your questions – as a blogger, I do put my life out there and as a reader, if you have questions, i welcome them. I was hoping you meant no harm by asking and the question didn't hurt my feelings (the rant nature of this post was late night musings last night after dwelling on the topic of what in the world i'm doing with my life which was prompted by your question – but not intended to be a defense or a retaliation against it šŸ™‚

  4. oh my goooooodness i love these photos! you're just too cute and K is so talented!

    regarding this post, providing entertainment for others is a great way to contribute to society. i personally love reading your blog so thanks for continuing to blog and for making my days a happier one šŸ™‚

    keep at it girlfriend <3

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