When a bunch newlywed girls are left alone in a room….

Last night I had a little holiday cookie exchange with some girlfriends with a strict “no boys allowed” policy (just because we can’t fit that many people and their plus one in our little apartment). Somehow I didn’t get a single group picture. It was fun sampling some of everyone’s favorite holiday treats white sipping milk out of champaign flutes.

Being married, Ben and I spend a lot of time with other people. Our neighbors are our best friends and we see them daily. We’re frequently climbing with other people, going to games or dinner with other people, and keeping up with our single friends. But, despite the constant social interaction, I find I’m rarely just with girls anymore. There is special bond between women, and a unique comfort in their company. Often I don’t realize I’m missing it until I’m surrounded in it. So girls, get excited for lots more cookie exchanges, spa nights, and lunches out next semester. I’m soaking up every last second of my last few months with you.

Oh, and why is it whenever newlywed girls are left alone the conversation always turns to that little three letter word? ( My dear unmarried cousin, I hope we didn’t scar you for life. )

Have you ever been to a cookie exchange?
What are your thoughts on girl nights?
…or on their topics of conversation?


  1. You're all looking lovely 🙂 Ah I didn't know wed girls also put the "no boys" restrictions 😀
    I never attended a cookie exchange before , but it kinda like choco party like girls do before holiday . And girls' night conversation are always the same , BOYS! 😀

    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. I haven't had a girls night in a very long time, especially one where that is the topic of conversation! I think we need to have a chat 😉

  3. Hahah this post is so spot on! That three letter word comes up in no time and dominates the convo the rest of the night! Being a newlywed myself, Chris and I have discovered that we are basically college kids, with grown up jobs, and love hanging with our firends…just like in college! Why change now just because we are "grown up"??

    Have a great day!


  4. sounds like such a nice plan. now that i think about it i miss being just with girls or with people in general…the downside of being so busy.

    "little three letter word"…that made me laugh. i think that girls, wed or not, end up talking about that when they get together!!

    Bea =)

  5. You ladies are so cute! Looks like a fun group. I know exactly what you mean about the company of just girls. It is so therapeutic to meet up with girlfriends to just chill and talk about stuff and the small three letter word 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following.

    Precious Impressions


  6. This sounds so fun, I love being with just the ladies. ANd yes, every conversation does seem to turn that way hahah

  7. hahahaha. well there was some wedding dress talk in there too. duh.


  8. I wish I had more newlywed girlfriends close by!
    One thing I miss most about college is girl time. I mean when you live with 4 other girls it's just a matter of walking into the living room.

  9. Our girls night out last week was pretty fab 🙂 It really is a type of connection that's different than with your husband, and so important.

  10. not only did you scar her for life you scarred me for life because of the retelling of this information to her soon-to-be-wed best friend. hahaha but seriously!

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