What in the world was I thinking? an anniversary post

Three years ago and three months ago I made a choice. When you got down on one knee on that dock and asked me that question, I chose you. Three months later I told God about that choice, and we chose each other, forever.
What in the world was I thinking? Why did I think that, at twenty, I had any idea what I wanted the rest of my life to be like? Why did I think that after a few short months of dating we knew each other well enough to make that choice?
I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that I’d do it all over again. I know that if I had to choose today, I’d choose us; I’d choose you. I’d choose these past three years and the many more to come. I’d choose the laughter and the tears (thankfully there are a lot more of the former…and we’ll blame the frequent latter on these pregnancy hormones), the hard and the easy, the good and the bad. I’d choose the early mornings and the late ones, the yummy dinners and the gross breakfasts, along with the years together and the weeks apart. I’d choose the rock climbing, the mountain biking, and the swimming (what have you turned me into?).
I’d choose Provo, Cincinnati, and Findlay (yes, even Findlay). I’d choose Christmases with your family far away from mine. I’d choose extra dishes and fewer cookies.
I’d also choose added happiness. I’d choose an unfailing best friend who loves me always, even when I’m not all that likable. I’d choose more family, new friends, and a little one on the way.
Neither of us are perfect, but I am so much better than I was three years ago before this marriage. I am kinder, wiser, and a bit less selfish. I more clearly understand who I am and what I want..and when I forget, you are always there to motivate and inspire me. I’m so grateful for that choice three years ago.
And to think, I thought I loved you then.
some old wedding posts:
our engagement (and ben’s shaggy hair)
A few things:
  • In addition to loving Ben, I love Emily-Jane today as I go through these pictures. I also love Cincinnati, and that we’ll be there celebrating soon.
  • These jeans are the most amazing pair of denim I’ve ever tried on. I’m deciding how to justify splurging on the AG maternity denim. I’ve calculated that if I wear them from month 2 of pregnancy till 4 months post pardom and if I have 4 children, that is just under four years of use. Totally worth it right?
  • For more shots from this shoot, check out @SaksCincinnati on instagram!
P.S. I had fun seeing how we’ve changed as I went through all the pictures on instagram of the two of us (#benandelisabeth)
both looks via Saks Fifth Avenue
(except his Sperrys and my J.Crew flats)


  1. You look really pretty in navy! And those jeans look so good, too. The answer is YES, it's worth it getting the maternity ones. I wish I had gone all out with maternity clothes the first time so I could use them for every pregnancy. I have a tiny selection now and am going to have to get more. Happy anniversary to you and Ben!

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