We’re Moving!

We are trading snowy days in the trees of New England for the warm sunny beaches of Southern California. 

I’m feeling all the things these days but we are all excited about fantastic weather, year-round beach trips, and our west coast friends. 

When Ben got this new job in January we talked a lot about timing and when we should make this cross country move.

Do we all move out together when he starts February 1st?

Do the kids and I follow shortly after?

Do we wait for the pandemic to settle down and live long distance indefinitely?

Do we have the kids finish out the school year?

Do we wait until Ben is out there and can look at houses?

For a while there the plan was for me and the kids to wait out most of the school year here in New England and head to California between April and June. This seemed to make sense for a lot of reasons but, to be honest, it didn’t feel very good. About a week ago we decided that keeping the family together and ripping off the bandaid for kids’ adjustments was better (and California weather trumps New England weather from February – April, for sure). In the last few days we’ve signed a lease, loaded a moving truck, and bought plane tickets. 

The next time we take pictures altogether on a beach it will be on a different coast. 

California, here we come. 



outfit details: 

my blue sweater: Amazon (in a couple of colors and only $35 – it runs a little big, I’m wearing my regular size, an xs and like the oversized fit) 


sisters’ cableknit sweaters: sold out (my sisters are both wearing our favorite $10 Target sweater. We own 6-7 between the four of us but they’re all sold out).  This is another REALLY cute Target sweater on clearance for $12.50 – I would have picked these ones if this cableknit wasn’t available. 

my jeans: Everlane (these are classic denim without a lot of stretch and very flattering … the wash I’m wearing is old but they have a few colors and the price point for the quality is really good)

leather tote: Madewell (I’ve had this for years and it has held up well) 

my rainboots: Joules (a great short rainboot) 


my puffer coat: Amazon (so fun + cozy) 



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