Weekending in Columbus

Usually slow, lazy Saturday mornings are my favorite, but lasts weekend we decided to forgo the late wake-ups and waffles and piled into the car before 7am to make the two hour drive to Columbus. Ben and I spent a quiet and peaceful morning at the temple while my mom and sister (who were visiting from New Hampshire) strolled and napped on the grounds with Lincoln.
One thing I was really thinking about that morning is ‘what matters.’ I have so many goals, so many things I want, that they have to be prioritized because I just can’t get to all of them always. And when I’m not actively prioritizing, sometimes the things that are really the most important to me start slipping (although not before the housework, that always slips first). It has me trying harder to figure out how to balance everything and be more intentional about what I get done (or don’t get done).
Anyway, after our visit to the temple we took my mom and sister to our favorite spot in the city, Harvest Pizzeria nestled in the German Village:

^This pizzeria is our very favorite and is easily the best pizza I’ve had in America.

Ā ^Lincoln did SO well eating out with us. He loved trying everything from the salad to pizza toppings and it did help to have an extra pair of grandma hands.

^Kale Ceasar salad that was quite good


Pesto artichoke pizza – the best on the menu (although we’ve only tried three or four)

^in the summer they open up the outdoor seating (last time Ben and I ate outside, but Saturday was a bit warm)

^these 1/2 addresses always make me smile šŸ™‚
^flower pots below every window šŸ™‚


^There’s a cute little German bakery (+ restaurant) down the street from the pizzeria we like to stop at afterwards

^I bought my fourth pair of these flats last month in this blush color that will be lovely for fall

^note to self: do not purchase macarons from German bakeries. Worst. macarons. ever.

^we miss aunt maddie already


^Grandma, on the other hand, comes back in a few days so we’re missing her just a tiny bit less

^He loves his grandma (although, the first night they showed up, half an hour past his bedtime, he was a bit weary of these two affectionate women)

^GAP maxi dresses are my thing. And by my thing, I mean something I love to wear, all year round, to all types of events, and always feel great while doing so.

^smelling flowers with Grandma

^sister close-ups

The whole day was basically a repeat of this venture when I was pregnant. And I’m already looking forward to doing it again soon šŸ™‚


my dress: GAP (two years ago) and while I loved their maxi’s last summer too, this season didn’t do anything for me.

my shoes: This is the fourth pair of these same flats I’ve picked up over the past two years. This exact color is only left in a size 7 online, but they have a few other colors on sale here and the new colors for fall are 25% off.

lincoln’s top: I love this brand for kids clothes because the quality is top notch and everything is so soft. (his short’s are Target because miss Maddie couldn’t find the matching pants in the diaper bag…and I don’t complain because I was enjoying a blissful morning while she was changing the dirty diaper that resulted in an outfit change…;)


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