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Week 2 // Downtown Findlay

We’ve almost survived three weeks and, let me tell you, it feels like an accomplishment. Only four days of that was on our own without nurses or Grandma, but we’ve kept this newborn alive (and growing!) for 20 days! At some point I may share some non-baby things on this blog again (promise), but for now my days are spent napping and my nights are spent feeding so the time I spend blogging is documenting the things I want our family to remember.

Last week my mom and I braved the cold with this little baby for an outing downtown (I was feeling a bit bad that I had my mom for two weeks and we hardly ever left the house or really spent time together – but not bad enough not to take naps whenever I got the chance). My goodness it felt good to just get dressed, let alone get out of the house. I took baby and Grandma to our favorite little cafe and Lincoln slept through the whole thing …here’s a few pictures:

^Still wearing maternity jeans (and they’re so comfortable I’m wondering if I’ll ever want to switch back)

^Snow in the window to match the snow outside – if only it weren’t so bitter cold here and we could do more outdoors with little Linc. I’m already so looking forward to spring and walks around the neighborhood.

^the cutest little cafe (The Baker’s Cafe for anyone local — they’re only open for breakfast and lunch)
^we were thinking of our family back in NH who were enjoying the 24 inches of snow while we sipped our hot soup 
^an after lunch shot (it was incredibly bright outside and I’m a bit anti wearing sunglasses in the winter)
^I love how well this carseat cover a friend made for me matches the diaper bag I got for Christmas šŸ™‚ 

not pictured: the post lunch shopping attempt that reminded us Lincoln does in fact have a strong pair of lungs

P.S. Car seats with babies are heavy. Moms must all have killer arm muscles. Also, it was too cold for Linc to make an appearance in these pictures (we’re both sad about it).

outfit details:
coat: c/o Sheinside (similar here)
diaper bag: Kate Spade (love this striped one too)
sweater: GAP
denim: c/o Pink Blush maternity
booties: Sam Edelmen c/o Zappos


  1. The first few months, I swear, I was always in survival mode. My motto was to do whatever works!!! And yes, your arms will get super strong! My butt and stomach are no longer as nice as pre-baby, but my arms have never looked better!

  2. You are so much more ambitious after having a baby than me… I usually hide in my house and don't go anywhere unless we run out of milk! Good for you for being out and about! You're such a cute mom!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You look fabulous. I used an Ergo– much easier (and much easier on your body) than carting around a carseat and much cozier for all!

  4. 3 weeks!? I can't believe its already been that long! You are a stunning mama! You look great! šŸ™‚ glad your all doing so well!

  5. I love downtown Findlay! I have only driven through it once going to an end of the semester party, but it is truly the cutest!

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