Wednesday Wedding Details

I love marriage – and I love weddings. I loved everything about mine and I wish I could have a million weddings and be able to plan each one differently (as long as this only ever meant marrying ben and never getting divorced of course). So, due to my slight obsession with all things wedding, I’ve decided to start Wednesday Wedding Details where I focus on wedding related things (and feed my obsession), whether it be cute details I’ve found, featuring beautiful weddings of friends and family, or simply anything to do with the celebration of marriage. 
To start though, I feel like I’m quite far behind in all the promised blogging about my own wedding that happened now more than a month ago. So, I’m starting tomorrow, promise. 
Coming in the next few weeks:
Wedding Details: 
Pre-wedding festivies
The Ceremony
The Reception
The Gown
The Wedding Party
The Honeymoon

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