Wedding Week Festivities

Ben Gets to NH
To have a wedding we needed a groom – and I really don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited for anything than for Ben to finally show up. It was a long month and a half – and the thing that kept me through it was knowing that we’d never have to do it again. Thank goodness. The whole family went to pick him up at the airport and after waiting for his 20 minute delay (which felt like ETERNITY) we were together again 🙂 
Bridesmaids Brunch

A week before the wedding my mom hosted a wonderful brunch for me and my bridesmaids. Unfortunately many of them weren’t in town yet but we don’t pass up an excuse to decorate and get dressed up 🙂 While the girls were enjoying a feast of omelette, maple sausage, fruit smoothies, and friendship bread (my favorite pecan and brown sugar pastry) – we put the boys to work in the yard (Ben’s very first morning in NH) – crazy right?
The main decoration: our new plates! My mom surprised me when I got to NH by buying the patterned dishes we had registered for to use for this event. I loved the red accents and am so excited to use these in our new apartment!

Day in Boston
Dave and Sarahjane (Ben’s best man and our favorite couple in the whole world) came in a few days later. I decided they (including ben) needed to see the city so we spent the latter part of Wednesday in Boston. We skipped the Museum of Fine Art and the Freedom Trail for this particular visit and settled for a walk through Boston Commons, shopping at Fanieul Hall, and dinner and gelato in the North End. 
Temple and Family Dinner
After a beautiful afternoon at the temple ( a little piece of heaven on earth) my mom threw a feast of a dinner for all the family and out of town wedding guests. The reception wasn’t a plated event so she wanted a time where she could decorate with place settings and it turned out quite spectacular. 
One of the three gorgeously set tables

Day at the Beach
Friday we took the wedding party up to the beach for an afternoon cookout and pictures (I wanted some shots of me and Ben on the water as well as some more pictures of my gorgeous bridesmaids – seriously I think I had THE most attractive wedding party – ever).  The morning was overcast which made for ideal photography but it cleared up in time to get some sun time before the 2 o’clock meal. It was incredible to just look around at all the people laughing, smiling, and mingling and realizing they were all there for us, they were all people we loved, and we were so lucky to have them there. 

Bachelorette Party
After a quick nail appointment with some of the girls, we headed over to Jen’s for the Bachelorette party. Jen was born to entertain. The night was filled with candles, delicious food, virgin drinks, cheesy music, gifts, friends, talking, and Olivia’s special cake 😉

All in all, the days before the wedding were busy, crazy, and so much fun. I’ll always remember the week as part of the wedding, and it definitely set us up for a wonderful wedding day 🙂 


  1. LOVE the beach pictures! And fyi, you and your hubby are the cutest! 🙂


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