Wedding Recap: The Wedding Week

If you read this post you know that the next few days will be all about weddings around these parts. If you’ve been following along since the very beginning you’ve seen many of these pictures, but after going through them all for my mother-in-laws Christmas present, I couldn’t help but want to share them all again on here! 
Today: Wedding week festivities and pre-wedding photo shoot
Tomorrow: The dress and the wedding party
Soon: The ceremony, reception, and honeymoon

Ben and I spent the five and a half weeks before our wedding two thousand miles away from each other. It was the hardest thing we’ve ever done. He landed in Manchester 8 days before our wedding. It was his first time in New Hampshire and the first time he’d met part of my family (crazy, I know). The whole gang went to meet him at the airport. I was giddy with excitement.

The group waiting for Ben: Grandma, Nicole, Anna, Maddie, Me, and Yuki. Yuki flew in from Tokyo a week before Ben did. She was the best wedding present I got šŸ™‚ 
Ben and my little brother: my two favorite boys. 

Ben arrived on a Friday and that Saturday morning my mother hosted a bridesmaid brunch. Not everyone was in town yet but it was fun to get dressed up for a little fancy brunch and talk wedding. My mom also surprised me with the patterned plates from my registry that we used for the brunch! The decor was black, red, and white and each place was set with a tiny red box of lindt chocolate.

Our friends Dave and Sarahjane flew in from Salt Lake partway through the week and so we took one final day before the rest of the guests arrived to show everyone Boston. We saw the sights, did a little shopping, and had a memorable run in with the waitress at our North End Italian restaurant. I loved being in my favorite city with my favorite boy. 

By Thursday evening all the out of town guests had arrived. We went to the beautiful Boston temple that afternoon in preparation for Saturday’s events followed by a beautiful dinner party. Thursday was such a special evening. Being surrounded by my family in the temple was a glimpse into what heaven will be. It was the perfect start to the weekend festivities. 

the adult table

the kids table šŸ™‚ 
 cousins, siblings, and yuki šŸ™‚ 
This brings us to Friday before the wedding – I can’t wait to reshare the pictures from out day at the beach with the entire wedding party later today with details on the dress and the wedding party tomorrow šŸ™‚

Did you have a week of festivities before your wedding?
What did you do the week of your wedding?
Do you have any pre-wedding traditions?

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  1. We had a week of festivities. Andrew had a small party with just his family, I had one with mine. We had a cookout to introduce our extended families, then you have the usual bridesmaid luncheon, rehersal and wedding day. Woohoo makes me excited just thinking about it again!

  2. How cool! Nick and I spent 3 days apart before our wedding and I thought it was the hardest thing ever! We had a rehearsal and dinner the night before the ceremony- nothing too fancy. I hung out with my bridesmaids all the time so we skipped the bridesmaids lunch– but I wish we hadn't!