Wedding Eve: A beach Photo Shoot


With all of our favorite people from across the world in town for the wedding, we wanted to give them more than just one evening of celebration. So, the day before the wedding we headed to Kennebunk, ME for a day filled with waves, bbq, and laughter. I dragged the bridesmaids and Benjamin up a few hours early for a little pre-wedding shoot. I love the way the pictures turned out almost as much as I loved spending the whole day relaxing with people we love.

all the Mcknight girls

our favorite couple flew all the way from Utah!

some details:

1. The white dress I wore for this shoot, the getaway, and some of our engagement pictures is from Shabby Apple and still available here.

2. I ate a big mac on the way to the beach – none of this starving myself before my wedding for me 🙂 
3. I was petrified I’d get sunburned before the wedding – I’ve never applied more sunscreen in my life.
4. All pictures taken by William Earnshaw (artist, photographer, and grandfather extraordinaire)


  1. That red bathing suit looks gorgeous on you!! Your hair is so pretty.

  2. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the title grandfather extraordinaire. Very nice. And gorgeous pictures, looks like an awesome day 🙂

  3. this is such a sweet idea! I wish I could do a photoshoot with my maids before the wedding, but alas – darn geography!

    p.s. every time you post pictures of your husband, I want to comment with "HE IS SO CUTE" but that feels creepy so consider this a blanket comment, okay? 🙂

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