Two is Easier Than One

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There is a distinct art to leaving the house with a high child to parent ratio. And it is something I am very much still learning. But the amazing thing to me right now is how comparatively having easy two children is. People ask all the time how it is being the mom of two and honestly, it feels easier than being the mom of one.

Maybe it is because the first few months as a mom of one were so difficult for me.

Maybe it’s because my expectations for life with two babies were two parts wonderful and eighty parts hard.

Maybe it is just because you learn so much with your first baby.

Maybe it’s because I’m too busy all day to think about it being difficult or dwell on any one thing.

Whatever it is, I know that having two children is more work than having one, but it feels easier. And at three months post partum, when leaving the house feels a bit daunting, I remind myself where I was three months post partum with Lincoln and realize how much better this is!

Anyway, we did stop in Walmart the other day to pick up a few things (it’s one of three places I’ve braved by myself with two children) and a baby wrap is a must. I put Adelaide in the wrap before I get Lincoln out of his carseat and after we make it inside I do the awkward “lift a toddler into the card with a newborn strapped to my chest” maneuver and we’re set for a shopping trip.

This baby girl is growing like a weed so I picked up a few things she can wear that aren’t hand-me-downs from Lincoln (don’t ask how many times people have told me ‘he’s so cute’). For all of her hair I got the cutest assortment of bows in the perfect colors for fall. I love a good little feminine touch that isn’t so over the top so this little lace onesie with denim leggings is infinitely better than the pink zebra dress with “cutie” plastered across the front.

Lincoln insisted on a few of his favorite snacks and we made both of the babies’ day by getting the Sophie the Giraffe set everyone raves about. I heard it was the best teething toy when Lincoln was a few months old and I felt like everyone had one. When I saw it in the toy aisle I decided to give it a try this time around. The set came with a little plastic giraffe for teething and a plush giraffe we named Gerald and gave to Lincoln. The two of them with their matching giraffes is almost as good as them in matching pajamas (did you see in on snapchat earlier this week? I died).

Now the real question is will Adelaide let me keep these bows in her hair forever? 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

^Her eyes and the way her tiny fingers grip the little giraffe <3

^A few other things we picked up including Linc’s favorite pouches, the teething tablets I swear by, and a cute thermal for Lincoln

P.S. I also learned that Walmart has a free age-specific baby box filled with product samples (you pay $5 shipping) that I’m signing up for and they just released a new Evenflo convertible carseat that doesn’t break the bank. Walmart has been revamping baby departments across the country and in addition to being brighter + bigger, they carry so many of our favorite brands.


  1. What a beautiful website! I just arrived and am poking about. Love it!

    I agree about two being easier than one – I definitely think it’s because you’re busier now. But also … let’s face it – a toddler is more interesting than a baby, so we moms are part entertained during the day. I think that makes things more fun and less challenging in terms of trying to come up with things to do. And hey, we definitely know what to expect this time around, so we’re a bit more prepared and are just less surprised when catastrophes pop up.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      Amen to that! When it is just Adelaide awake sometimes I just stare at her and wonder what in the world I did all day when I just had one four month old. Having a toddler definitely keeps things a bit more interesting/engaging/entertaining (and exhausting :).

      Yes, and this time around I think I have a better outlook on all the struggles because I know they’re all temporary and next week it will be something else, and eventually they’ll sleep through the night, and someday naps will be consistent.

      Thanks for the kind words!

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