Two hundred and eight weeks.

Four years.
Two hundred and eight weeks.
One thousand four hundred and fifty-six days.
Thirty four thousand nine hundred and forty-four hours.

Fourteen hundred days doesn’t seem that many in comparison to two hundred weeks. 
Its funny to remember how I thought I knew you four years ago (or four point three years ago when you got down on one knee and I said I’d be your wife).
This last year has been the biggest change for us.
It was the beginning of a new job.
It was our first house.
It was our first baby.
I feel like I’ve learned more about you this year than I ever did in those first three.
I learned how you really deal with no sleep.
I learned how you play with babies.
I learned how much you hate seeing me struggle.
I learned how much you like corn on the cob, how much you a schedule, and how much you are willing to sacrifice.I fell in love with the way you make Lincoln laugh, with the way you ask to check on him every evening, and the way I can go back to sleep every Saturday morning instead of hanging out with the baby 😉

We have certainly never worked so hard in a single year of marriage and am I grateful, that amid all the struggles, ‘we’ are always a constant. I love you, mister, forever and always.

P.S. Past anniversary posts herehere, and here 
(because I’m a sap and totally just reread all of them – it’s funny to read my posts on “what I learned in x years of marriage” and remember how wise I thought I was 😉

These photos were taken just before our anniversary last year when Lincoln was still a happy secret we were keeping (although we totally told the photographer – and we ended up using a picture from this shoot for our pregnancy announcement sketch here). 


  1. This is a beautiful dedication. It's crazy how this first year with a baby teaches you so much about your spouse. It is such a growth experience, difficult but oh so sweet 🙂

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