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Travel Confessions and Momiform Basics


Happy Monday! Ben and I are back from our first vacation solo since having babies and I have a few confessions:

  1. I missed my children far less than I anticipated.
  2. I exercised far less than I anticipated.
  3. I came home less motivated than anticipated.

I thought that during our 8 days across the pond I would get to the point that I’d rather be holding my babies than exploring new places. I thought I’d get up each morning, well rested, and exercise before we got going for the day. I thought I’d carve out time to write and plan and brainstorm for this online space and take advantage of all the mental freedom from not taking care of two small children all day.

But I didn’t.

And that’s okay.

Because instead I just enjoyed strolling the streets of Barcelona. And taking in the sights of Fez. And putting away my phone and just talking to Ben.

In Morocco we had no cell service and limited wifi in one of our hotels. It was SO nice to (almost) completely disconnect and just live. It has me rethinking the balance I strike in my day-to-day life here at home (especially when it comes to tech).

Of course I was thrilled to come home and snuggle my babies. And then to drop them off at the gym this morning. And to have a quiet hour during nap time to catch up on some work.

Mostly though, our trip has me determined to be more present in whatever I’m doing. When I’m playing with my kids I want to be on the floor, with my phone in the other room. When I’m watching a show with Ben in the evening I want to be snuggled up and our computers out of our laps. And when I’m on my phone or my computer I want a little bit of peace and not to feel guilty about it.

I’ll probably break all of those rules tomorrow but at least having them is a start 🙂

How do you stay present? Any tips or strategies I should implement?


P.S. This olive military jacket came with us on our trip and I wore it almost everywhere. After riding a camel in it in the Sahara I had to retire it for the last few days (because SAND EVERYWHERE) but it really is the most versatile piece. I’ve linked to a few great options below at different price points (mine is sold out from last year.

These shoes are the wedge versions of the sandals I walked in through Fez for seven hours without my feet hurting (a miracle for me) so this brand is now officially my favorite for travel footwear. I found a SUPER similar pair at a great sale price on Nordstrom Rack (linked below) and I actually got mine last year from thredUP.


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  1. I totally get where you are coming from. I have had to have my husband hide my phone so I wouldnt be tempted. Having internet at our fingertips is just too easy and convenient. Everybody Is in the same boat. We all do it. Its just the generation we are in. Now if you talk to moms who raised kids before iPhones or internet came out, they will tell you how life was. Different. Connecting to the internet is a stress relief, an anxiety relief, an escape. Stay at home moms need that every now and then. On a different note, love you had a great vacation and you look great.

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