Top Posts on ElisabethMcknight in 2018

I saw this fun idea for a post on Janssen’s blog and had to go look at my analytics to see what the top posts were on this year.

I really enjoy creating content for this space that started back in 2011! In 2018 we continued parenting, beauty, and fashion content as well as regular family updates about life in Boston. We shared some interior design content with the nursery reveal and more travel content when we headed to Guadeloupe, Greece, Paris, and London.

Generally, my favorite posts to re-read are family updates but my favorite images come from projects that force me to get out and capture pictures of my two kids.

But, without further ado, here are the top 12 posts from 2018:


And then these were the posts that were the most fun for me to create in 2018! Here’s what I loved:

  • Tips for leaving kids with Grandma: The top picture on this post is my favorite picture of my kids, ever. I also love getting to leave my kids with Grandma.
  • Micro Mini Scooters- The best money we’ve spent on toys: This post has runner-up favorite pictures of my kids together this year and it talks all about the best money we’ve spent on toys in 2018 in our full unsponsored review of Micro Mini Scooters.
  • My Job as a mom: I spent less time just sitting down and writing what I was feeling and thinking about this year but this post was one that had been on my mind since Lincoln was young. It isn’t long, but I’m grateful I took the time to document what I feel is my #1 job as a mom.
  • Toddlers right now: These are just a few cute snippets of conversation with the kids over the year and some darling pictures of the two of them on campus.
  • How to transition your kids to a shared room// our room-sharing journey: This was my most requested post of 2017 and I finally put it all together in 2018. It has tips for transitioning kids to a shared room and a day-by-day breakdown of how our transition went.
  • How to get your kids to smile for pictures: Osh Kosh has been one of my favorite brands to partner with over the years and I loved shooting and editing the pictures for this post! I also use these tips all the time to get my kids to smile for the camera.
  • DIY Personalized Love Books: I made these Love Books for the kids for Valentines this year and love love love how they turned out. They take the books to Grandma’s when we have traveled without them and we also flip through them regularly to remember all the different people that love them. I love this way to keep family who is far away, close.
  • Surprises about Harvard Business School, Semester 1: The pictures in this post were supposed to be our Christmas card that never got sent last year so I love those, and remembering some of these insights from our first semester on campus. I’ve been meaning to write a followup and share HOW DIFFERENT second year is from first year. I can’t believe Ben will be done in May!



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