Too Many Pelicans + Ombre

First off, I want to say a huge thank you for all of your love and support after yesterday’s post. I really appreciate all your encouragement and those who shared personal stories and experiences with me. Ben and I are really excited about this next step and more importantly, what it means for the steps down the road. 

Today I’m back with a few more pictures from our trip to Florida. After a week in the Caribbean, we spent a week friends in Gainesville. They were both at work or school during the day so we had plenty of down time and chances to explore the area on our own. One of the afternoons we headed to Cedar Key for a little sunshine. What blew my mind were the houses built on ten foot stilts (I should have snapped a picture from the car) – but I guess when the storms hit…? 
^As I write this post the weather outside is alternating between sun and snow flurries. I’m really missing these palm trees and white sand right about now. 

^^Cedar Key was land of the pelicans. They were EVERYWHERE! And they were fearless. I did run back to the car and get my zoom lens to capture most of these shots but they would let me get within a few feet of them without flying away (I was too scared to get closer so I’m not sure how close they would have let me get). 

^does him staring at you creep you out just a little? yeah, me too. 

^This Floridian was with his grandson feeding the pelicans (we thought the birds might just pick up the little boy and take off). They would sit on the roof of the place behind the man until he was almost done cutting up a piece of fish. Then they would migrate to the railing until the he the pieces into the water. Once they had eaten all those, they’d fly back to the roof to wait for him to cut up the next one. Just look at how close to him they are! 

^Just as he threw some fish into the water

^^I have an irrational fear of birds… this outing was a big step for me 😉

^seeing how close they’d let me get

This sweater (along with the one from this post) have been staples in my wardrobe these past few weeks. They are a great way to add spring colors in cooler temps but I’m excited to layer them over a swimsuit for an evening walk on the beach or something. I love the gorgeous ombre in the one I wore here and the quality of both pieces. 

Have you shopped at Sanctuary Clothing before? This LA based boutique has so many gorgeous pieces … this jacket and this midi skirt are on the top of my wish list. 
sweater: ℅ Sanctuary Clothing
jacket: J. Crew
denim: Lucky Brand
shoes: ℅ Sperry’s 
glasses: ℅ Firmoo


  1. So crazy seeing Cedar Key through your lens! I am from Florida and went to college in Gainesville. I've been going to Cedar Key with my family every summer ever since I can remember. 🙂 Those crazy pelicans.

  2. This outfit is so perfect! So relaxed and casual, but you look incredibly put together. I really like the colors and the preppy feel. Your blog is becoming one of my favorites.

  3. That sweater looks great on you! I love the whole outfit.

    xx Cass

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