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Today was a good day, a great day

Written on a Sunday back in June

Today was a good day, maybe a great day.

And there was nothing that special about it, in the grand scheme of things. But there were so many little things that felt like big things that made it wonderful (and so needed).

Ben has been gone for a few days (3 days this time, 13 so far this month) and I hit 35 weeks in this pregnancy. Saturday was hard. Sometime between Adelaide peeing all over the floor, Lincoln crying about Ben being gone, and me serving popcorn for dinner, again, I had a minor meltdown of my own.

And then I put myself to bed by 11pm and the kids didn’t wake up on Sunday morning until 8.

We had breakfast. They played happily while I got ready for church. We watched a church show while I did their hair (and mine) and packed the Sunday bag (a bag of snacks + gadgets to get us through an hour of mostly sitting quietly in our pew).

We made it to church with ten minutes to spare and friends showed up right before the meeting started to even out the adult/child ratio in our pew.

No one tried to run away during Sacrament Meeting and Lincoln’s only complaint was I refused to tell him the same story of Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood for a third time during the second speaker.

A dear friend brought us dinner after church (on HER birthday … and she’s also 35 weeks pregnant, with twins) and I got in an hour nap during quiet time.

We snuggled through some Living Scriptures, heated up dinner, and scootered around outside in beautiful 70 degree weather.

The night wrapped up with chocolate chip cookie baking and a kitchen dance party before jammies, stories, kisses, prayers, and bed.


Everyday would be better if I slept for 9 hours before starting it.

Sometimes it’s okay to do nothing, but we’re all happier when we get outside, bake together, and dance to the music.

P.S. I think I’m also really starting to feel the loss of business school life. It is much harder emotionally for me when Ben is gone now because I don’t run into 4 friends at the park, 2 on the way to take out the trash, and another one while walking to the car. Playdates have to be scheduled ahead of time and we can’t just scooter around a pedestrian campus to get energy out. There are no more daily kids classes on campus or weekly girl’s nights out. Sometimes the sociality of the last two years was DRAINING but, man, am I missing it right now.

And a lot of that is on me because we didn’t move very far. We still know lots of people in the area. There are new people to get to know. But selfishly I miss the ease + no-effort of it. I feel too tired + overwhelmed a lot of days to make big plans and I miss just being able to walk down our stairs to the playground chat with 5 women living + struggling + thriving in the same ways I am, women who get me right now.

And that last little bit sounds like a pity party. It isn’t! Life is good. June was a little hard. But July is better.


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outfit details: 

Adelaide’s dress: Shein

Adelaide’s jacket: Blu & Blue NY

Adelaide’s Shoes: Pediped

Lincoln’s Blazer: Janie & Jack

Lincoln’s yellow shorts: Osh Kosh

Lincoln’s loafers: GAP

My Dress: Isabella Oliver, similar here on sale! 

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