to Adelaide on your first day of primary

My dear Adelaide, 

You are blossoming. Your personality and enthusiasm and interest have exploded over the last few months and it is SUCH a joy (and an entertainment) to have you in our family. 

You were so excited this week leading up to your first day in primary. You picked out our matching Christmas dresses for church this morning (again) and laid out my shoes, bra, and bracelet to complete my outfit. “Now, Mom, can you get your brush so I can do your hair, please? Once I brush it then you will be beautiful.” 

Dad walked you to class and when I picked you up you were singing to “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam!” 

Tonight after dinner I asked you and Lincoln to bring me some stories to read on the couch before bed. You came back with my copy of the Book of Mormon. We acted out Lehi commanding his sons to go back and get the plates of brass from Laban back in Jerusalem. You proudly proclaimed, as Nephi, “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded!” 

And then you danced for Westley for three minutes straight, wand in hand, singing “Who loves Westley? I do!” 

I hope your zeal for life, love, and beauty never fades (and that you remember our discussion today on how strong is beautiful and brave is beautiful) . 

You came to us from heavenly parents who love you more deeply than I know and I feel honored to be partnered with them in helping you along this path of life. I hope you always know how loved you are – by me, by Ben, by your siblings, by God. 

I am so grateful to be your mom, today and everyday. 


outfit details (she picked out her own clothes for church that day):

Adelaide’s dress: on sale right now from the most beautiful mommy + me brand

Adelaide’s boots: my favorite/her favorite/ most versatile pair for this season – she wears these to school, plays outside in the snow, and dawns them for church and they’ve held up remarkably. this brand always wins for quality.  

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