The Working Woman: Thoughts, Picks, & a Giveaway

a short rant: we’re in the middle of moving here and I have spent three too many hours on the phone in the past few days with various utility people (internet people being the absolute worst, as usual) – so forgive the relative silence/pre-scheduled posts as we try and get everything figured out and settled – we are in love with our new house (anything is better than a half moved into apartment for six months) and I can’t wait for it to start feeling like home! today’s post is sponsored by ANN INC. but all opinions (and adorable office picks 😉 are my own. 

So I work from home, and 81% of the time (like right now), I do it in something I would never wear in public. Sometimes I think this is awesome (hello Monday shorts and leg warmers), but often, I miss the need to get dressed and the added productivity that comes from it (am I the only one who is far more productive when I’m dressed to impress?). I’ve pulled together a few classic office pieces with just the right amount of personality for you  — that all happen to be on sale PLUS an additional 40% off.

The other thing I miss about working from home is people. Goodness guys, I am an extrovert. I thrive off of real human interaction, encouragement, and competition (the friendly kind ;).

And so, sometimes I find myself browsing through job listings (I also get daily job alerts in my inbox). With a baby on the way and currently living in the beautiful farm land of Ohio, I’m not joining corporate America anytime soon, but I love the idea of getting into marketing with brands I already love. It reminded me of a conversation I had last winter with a friend who worked for ANN INC. and loved it. She raved about the people she worked with and the environment she worked in (and maybe a tiny bit about the brand discount).

Whether it’s in fashion, or the workplace in general, I think it’s wonderful to find something you’re passionate about. That said, your first job might not be glamorous, and it will probably take quite a bit of work and investing in yourself to get to where you want to be. I’ve read that in the fashion industry you have to get over your fear of failing to be successful – but how true is that for everything? I’ve found that some of my biggest successes come from taking risks I was initially terrified of — the bigger the risk the bigger the reward right? Anyway….

The more I read about ANN INC., the more impressed I am. Turns out, they don’t just make darling clothes (did you know Ann Taylor and the LOFT are both ANN INC. brands?), but they’re the only fashion retailer to win the Gallup Great Workplace Award. It sounds like they understand that fit is not only important in their clothing, but in their workplace. It’s all about inspiring growth and confidence and really understanding the multidimensional lives of the women in their workplace.

If you’re excited about the fashion world, you can see their available openings here (a handful of store management positions in addition to associate positions) and be sure to follow them on  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for a behind the scenes peek at the fashion industry along with motivation and interview tips (like this one – Ben uses it before every phone interview ;). If you follow along on social media, enter the rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win $100 to ANN INC. brands (aka any of those items I listed below).

Here are a few other sale finds from LOFT & Ann Taylor that I’ve loving right now (that are all an additional 40% off too):

jacket // coated pencil skirt // leather ankle boot (available in three colors) // classic flat

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  1. this just reminds me of that quote from cheaper by the dozen 2, "navy is strong, gray is smart, choose either and you'll rule the board room!" haha so you choose these pieces perfectly!

    xoxo, kiely

  2. Their clothes look incredible! And I love nothing more than supporting companies that support and encourage growth with their employees!

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