The Postpartum adjustment + A Saturday Outing

Over the weekend we had a few days between house guests (guests might not be the right word when they do all the cooking+cleaning+life saving) where it was just us as a new family of four. Maybe we were feeling a bit ambitious, or maybe just a little cooped up, but on Saturday afternoon we loaded both kids into the car and took a little walk downtown.

If you had told me a few months ago that a week and a half after having a baby I would be out and about (while wearing clothes, some makeup, and feeling functional), I wouldn’t have believed you. With Lincoln, I remember those first few weeks being SO hard. The nights were long and scary and the days were painful and slow. There were many bright spots, but overall those early days were the hardest so far.

It is AMAZING to me how different it is this time. Everything from the physical recovery to the emotional adjustment has gone so much faster. We skipped the dark scary part altogether and while we’re still pretty exhausted over here, I keep exclaiming to Ben how much easier it has been this time around. Part of it might be because I’m no longer scared I’m going to break the new baby, but I’m convinced a huge part of it has to do with calling it quits on nursing after 24 hours (you can read about my hard experience with nursing the first time around here – but pumping from the start this time around has worked out SO much better for our family/my sanity). Whatever it is though, I’m so grateful. I’m also so grateful I’m not actually mothering two children on my own for more than 24 hours until the end of the month (yay for parents, sisters, and in-laws).

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and share that. I now have a few days worth of sleep to catch up on if I’m lucky or at least some baby snuggles to enjoy. Here are a few pictures from last Saturday, a small miracle in my book:

^Just Benjamin being handsome 
^The cutest little outfit from Little Me
^This little pocket shirt makes baby wearing SO easy! I love my wrap, but it took me awhile to get used to putting it on and with this I can just slide her in šŸ™‚ 
^I ordered these Kate Spade X Keds sneakers right before the baby was born as a little present for myself and was excited to have something postpartum that fit and made me feel cute šŸ˜›  (you know, to go along with my maternity leggings I’m wearing in these pictures)
^Watching cars, always cars 
^this is everything <3
^I’ve been LOVING this new diaper bag from Newlie Co because, in addition to looking like an actual purse, there is an insulated pocket for bottles! Well, its an insulated pocket for anything you want to keep cool but for this next stage of life for me its bottles šŸ™‚ No more hauling around our little cooler bag inside my diaper bag! 
^Ben is still the favorite parent over here (and the only one limber enough at the moment to keep up with this toddler who has started running everywhere).

^This picture just makes me laugh 

Lincoln’s outfit is available here and his shoes are from here.
My shirt/wrap/babywearing thing is from here.
I’m wearing these maternity leggings and my polka dot shoes are Kate Spade x Keds from thredUP.
My diaper bag is from Newlie Co and available here.


  1. Oh my goodness I hear ya about nursing. It was so traumatizing for me and my baby! I wasn't producing enough milk but never knew. She kept loosing weight and the doctor kept telling me to just nurse longer. She cried all day and then I finally saw a different specialist and found out I was bone dry! Next time I totally plan on pumping immediately so that I can supplement from the beginning and hopefully get my breastmilk to last longer. Best of luck with your cute kids! I miss you guys!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Same thing happened to me after a c section. I didn't have enough milk and waited too long to pump, so I lost a lot of milk. Good news is, it comes back with work and time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That baby wearing shirt is genius. I have a wrap, but I love how you can wear a jacket over this without the excess fabric. I think I will order.

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