The Gators Almost Got Us

In Florida last week we visited Payne’s Prairie Reserve, a state park in Gainesville. What is the closest you’ve ever been to an alligator? If you want to decrease that distance significantly, visit. If not, stay very far away.

Its hard for me to believe this sign. And we certainly weren’t a full 20 feet from them on land. Sometimes they were right on the path! 

^We were a couple feet from these guys. 

Florida is its own kind of beautiful. 

Here’s a shot of the path. Sometimes gators would wander across it and just lie down on it. 

I spot a gator! ^^

We used to hang out with these two in Utah every weekend before they moved to Florida two years ago. Now that guy is graduating with his masters and they’re heading to England for his PhD. We can’t wait to visit them in Reading. 

^^We have almost this same picture from when Dave was the Best Man at our wedding. These two never change 😛 

^^Thankful for great friends who live in beautiful places…even if they do nearly get us killed by alligators 😛 (and apparently Ben didn’t get the matching stripes memo for this picture 😉

Happy Sunday!


  1. not gonna lie, those pictures freak me out a little. they're so close! but i'm so happy that you got to hang out with dave and sarahjane. what a fun trip!

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