The Days are Getting Shorter

^this boy loves swings

I’m going to miss the warmer weather and the time we have as a family to enjoy it.

I found an article online about tricks to enjoying the dark/cold weather and the first one, the most important one, was to stop complaining about it. Its hard, because when its cold and dark I don’t want to do anything but curl up under a blanket (which I guess we can do a lot of this winter…if only Lincoln would sit still for longer than three seconds). But, there is little more beautiful than snow and I’m already counting down the days till we’re back to eating my moms cooking in New Hampshire and enjoying a few more loaves of pumpkin bread.

How are you adjusting to the early nights? Any other tips? 

Outfit details are all in this post here — but I forgot to share the rest of the family pictures from the afternoon last month when we took these.

P.S. Have you tried these? I’m picking some up today and hoping the peppermint flavor is worth the hype.


  1. You guys are such cuties with your matching outfits! The shorter days definitely make outside playtime when daddy gets home harder. We've resorted to soccer in the basement for the next 5 months.

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