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The Best & The Worst

dress:Shein (full Shein reviews here)  // booties // watch

You know that cough I mentioned yesterday? That itself could be the worst of motherhood lately. This little baby is a bit clingier, a bit more tired, and a bit fussier than usual. It seems like he wants to be held every second of the day, and if he doesn’t get to, the world is over. If only that meant my tolerance for whining increased as well (no such luck). And so I might have locked myself in my room for the full 120 seconds I gave myself to wolf down a bowl of chocolate cheerios while Lincoln sat at the door asking politely to come in šŸ˜‰

turns out food increases my capacity for patience every. single. time. 

On the other hand, the best of motherhood lately wasn’t his instant forgiveness and relief when I opened the door, picked him up,and he snuggled right into me, head on my shoulder…but it was close. It might be his little dance parties these days whenever he hears music (and he starts bobbing up and down to the beat). Or it might be the proud smile that spreads across his whole face when he makes it all the way across the room on his own two feet without falling. Or it might be his new way of imitating the sounds I make (I share them all day long on snapchat @elisabethmeg – but be warned, I use snapchat mainly just to show Ben all the cute things Lincoln does during the day). Or it could be his grasp of the words “cuddle” and “snuggle” and the accompanying actions. There have been too many bests to pick.

Like I told a friend last night, this motherhood business is physically and emotionally draining. Those moms aren’t lying when they talk about how hard it is. But they are holding back if they also aren’t telling how wonderful it is. Because there is nothing sweeter, nothing happier, and nothing more worthwhile than leading this little soul through the world. I thought I knew a thing or two about love and joy before Lincoln. I didn’t, not really.


P.S.  Last week I talked about how much I loved bodycon dresses from Shein with or without the baby bump – this shirt dress is less exciting. The material is pretty thin (which makes it comfortable and great for summer, but still, you know what I mean). But hey, its only $20 so I threw on some booties and wore it to church on Sunday anyway. I think I’ll wear it again in early fall without the baby bump and the fit might be a tad more to my liking.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, that dress looks way cute with booties. Try adding a thick brown belt? Also, I know what you mean. My toddler gets so clingy, especially when sick. We as mom's are only human. It's normal to feel like we are confined and need space. I feel that way too. do you use a playpen or an area you know he can play for a minute while you recharge? When I use the bathroom, I shut the door and my toddler pounds on door waiting for me to come out. I know the feeling. When kids start school, we miss this though.

    1. Thanks! And yes, sans bump a belt is a great idea (with the bump it would look good too…but tight belts around my waist just aren't working for me these days :).

      As for Lincoln, he does pretty well playing on his own as long as I'm not doing anything and I'm in the same room. Once I have my attention somewhere else, he wants in. And so I can take breaks lying on the floor of his room while he plays (until he turns me into a jungle gym). And I haven't gotten to the bathrooming by myself yet… but at least he no longer requests to sit on my lap šŸ˜‰

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