The Best Decoration: The Wedding Party

The best part of our wedding day was the company that we chose to keep it with (other than the whole getting married for time and all eternity). We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and loving friends.

In choosing a bridal party I was cautioned that less was more, but how to choose? Selecting just nine was hard enough. Some of them were family that have been with me since the beginning, and others were the one’s that got me through the good times and the bad in high school. One in particular flew all the way from Tokyo for the occasion, a true testimony to the power of friendship (thanks, Yuki). They worked planning bridal showers and bachelorette parties, playing hostess at the reception, and being the most attractive bridal party New Hampshire has ever seen. And if you ask me what one of the best decisions of my wedding was, I would tell you it was choosing these nine lovely ladies to share the day with me.

They wore custom red taffeta dresses with a variety of champagne heels. The morning of the wedding tears came to my eyes as I watched them get ready, so beautiful, so kind, and so happy. If you couldn’t tell, I love them.

My little sister Madison was my maid of honor, an easy choice. I called her the week before we took engagements, stressed about what to wear. Her fourteen-year-old self answered calmly, “It doesn’t matter what you wear, Lizzie. You’ll look beautiful in anything.” She is one of my very best friends and I am so grateful her, Nicole and I are sisters because twenty years from now we will still be best

Me and the Maid of Honor

8 of the girls before the ceremony


Before we’d ever said those three words I knew Ben would be wearing a
brown tux at his wedding, it was just part of the deal. In the end I
loved it. Our wedding had none of the formal starkness of black, white,
and red, but all of the elegant richness of browns, golds, and Tuscan
creams. The boys flew from across the country to support Ben. It was a
special sight to see Dave, the best man, next to Ben, so reminiscent of
Dave’s wedding eight months earlier (where Ben was best man). They all
wore pronto uomo chocolate two-button super 100s notch lapel tuxedos
with gold cuff links, champagne vests, and cream boutineers.

Best friends and best men šŸ™‚


  1. I love the way it all fit it & tied together clothing choice wise! Pretty photos!

  2. Your bridal party and groomsmen all look amazing and I love the red dresses with champagne hells. Not to mention you look absolutely gorgeous yourself!

  3. your wedding was gorgeous lady.
    i love that you did brown.
    i love picking different colors for the men.
    sometimes i wish i would of done navy, but i like gray just as much.
    also, love your bridesmaid dresses, truly adorable.


  4. Gorgeous! Congratulations. I have never heard of so many in a wedding party. But it seems like you made the best choice for you, which is what is important!
    Fellow Follower,

  5. I didn't realize the guys wore brown suits! How awesome. I wanted to do tan suits by they were super expensive šŸ™ I was so sad! Your bridal party is gorgeous.

  6. My husband and our groomsmen also wore brown tuxes to our wedding (October 2012). It was formal without being stuffy! Love your photos… they're so sweet!

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