Thanksgiving 2016 + A Happy List

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We had cereal for dinner on Wednesday night between loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen. Lincoln spent part of Adelaide’s evening nap hanging out with Barney so I could finish up the last of work things and straighten the living room. And come Thursday morning there was blissfully nothing but potato casserole on my to-do list. Potatoes and lots of baby snuggles.

Ben spent the morning playing football with some friends from church and I stayed cozied up in pajamas with my two babies. We played Christmas music, danced around the house, and read large piles of books. Adelaide giggled at Lincoln, Lincoln asked to facetime Grandma and the cold outside made our living room feel warm and cozy. When we wanted a treat, Lincoln helped pour the sugar (mostly) into the bowl and ate a few too many spoonfuls of pumpkin bread batter.

When football was over Ben let Lincoln ride on his back all over the house Lincoln practiced saying his name, “WINC!” We talked about the things we were thankful for and I asked Lincoln what things made him happy. “Jesus! ….and CARS!” was his eager reply and I was so grateful for snapchat and the little video now saved on my phone.

We peeled two dozen potatoes, mixed dough for rolls, and snuck bites of pumpkin bread while the babies napped. And in the quiet of the afternoon, before the feasting and the friends and the three little boys vying for toys and attention, I counted my blessings.

In 2016, here’s what’s at the top of my list:

  1. Two healthy, beautiful, smart, angelic babies. They light up our family and bring so much joy into my life.
  2. An ambitious, supportive, and loving husband. No one is perfect, but I would take Ben with his strengths and his weaknesses, over anyone else.
  3. So many family role models. The more I learn about habits and mindset, the more I realize I owe my parents. Their marriage, their parenting, and their service continue to inspire me. And my grandparents celebrated 65 years of marriage this week and make me excited for 60 years from now.
  4. The roof over our heads. In the grand scheme of things, our first little house matters so little, but at this point in my life I am so grateful for the space where I spend my days with my babies. I am grateful for the things we can fill it with and the memories we make here.
  5. A business that pushes and fulfills me. Nothing, for me, compares to the significance and impact of being a mother. But, I am fulfilled creatively + personally by stepping outside of the diaper changes and laundry piles to connect and create. I love the photos + videos it’s given me of our early family along with the passions + interests I’ve uncovered along the way.
  6. A God that tells me I’m worth it. The doctrine of change + progress, of repentance + forgiveness, of redemption and salvation, teaches me that who I am now is not who I will be. And still, the imperfect human that I am now is loved and valued and wanted. He loves me in my imperfections, and in loving me helps me to be better.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones and took a few minutes to remind yourself of the things that make you happy. I could remind myself more often.

family of four photo

little lincoln pose

family of four photo

family of four photo


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