Sweet Potato Weekend

Weekend walks and weekend sweet potato eating. Here are just a few snapshots of weekend life around these parts + some things I want to remember, but I’ll mostly let the pictures do the talking.

^Little Linc started on solids over 4th of July weekend and we have a sweet potato lover! It started because I was feeding Ben brownies and ice cream while he was holding Lincoln and every time I’d bring the spoon to Ben’s mouth Linc would light up with excitement, and then frustration as he didn’t get any. While sweet potatoes might not be brownies, he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, if Ben took too long between bites, the baby started whining 🙂 #highmaintenance

^he’s always trying to grab glasses off my face these days 
^Sunday strolls

^he tries so hard to crawl. and fails so miserably 

^post eating naked time. everything is better sans clothes

^one of the best swaddle blankets <insert laughing emoji>

My shirt is from GAP and my skirt and belt are from Banana Republic from years and years ago. My shoes are Sperry TopSider thanks to Famous Footwear and I picked up my sun glasses at J.Crew Factory (they may still be on sale).

I got Ben these fun lobster shorts for his birthday from T.J. Maxx. His shoes are also Sperry Topsider thanks to Famous Footwear.

Linc’s little outfit is thanks to Target (and part of our fun collaboration with them earlier this summer) and his swaddle blanket is part of a set from Buttermilk Babies (the coolest swaddle blankets around if you ask me…or Lincoln actually – he loves staring at the black and white patterns).


  1. These pictures are so fun! Our daughter started getting into solids this last month and she LOVES sweet potatoes too! her absolute favorite!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You hardly update your blog anymore. I am gradually losing interest.

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