Super Bowl Guest Ready in Under an Hour

Today I’m talking all about getting your house guest-ready in under an hour, perfect for anyone hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend. This post is sponsored by Febreze. All opinions are my own.

Hosting a crowd for a big game this weekend? Or just tidying up for a small gathering of friends?

I inevitably plan ahead with a menu, maybe some decorations, and then am always scrambling around at the last minute to make sure my home isn’t a complete disaster. Tell me I’m not the only one?

Too often we’re so out of time that we just dump everything that is out of place into our bedroom then I’m extra cranky I have to clear part of it away just to get to sleep that night.

So, before your friends arrive this weekend for Super Bowl festivities, check out this list to make your place is guest ready in under an hour. You’ll have almost everything you need on hand but when you’re out picking up the food for the event, make sure you snag these few things as well:

Guest-ready Shopping List:

  • toilet paper: you DO NOT want to run out of toilet paper when your house is flooded with guests (make sure you have extra stocked in a place guests can easily find it and put out a fresh roll before they arrive)
  • hand soap: double check before you head to the store that you’re set on this front
  • Febreze AIR : You WANT this so your house smells as clean as it looks when your guests arrive. Plus,  this is also going to be so helpful throughout the party (nothing can sideline a party like than the smells from your beloved Super Bowl foods ..and their after-effects). Keep a bottle visible in the bathroom as well as one on hand in the main entertaining space. Febreze AIR is great because instead of just masking the odor, it DE-ODORIZES the space and doesn’t use an overpowering perfume or scent. Also perfect for one the party is over and you want your house looking and smelling clean.
  • paper towels: They can double as napkins or clean up accidental spills.
  • stain remover: Especially if you’re serving something with a dark sauce, have a stain remover handy for your carpet, your couch, and your guests clothing.

Here’s your “1 hour to guests arrive” checklist:

  1. Check your entrance (I skip this, we live in an apartment) – remove debris from the front walk if needed
  2. Grab a laundry basket and do a quick walk through the house to pick up clutter (stash it in a bedroom).
  3. Clean out the fridge, being sure to throw out smelly leftovers and expired food. Make sure there is room for drinks or food guests might be bringing.
  4. Take out trash.
  5. Wipe down bathroom counters and toilet.
  6. Put out fresh hand towels and be sure there is hand soap and toilet paper.
  7. Close doors to rooms you won’t be using.
  8. Vacuum (okay, we don’t have carpets so I don’t actually ever vacuum but you COULD do this)
  9. Sweep or dust non-carpeted floors
  10. Wipe down kitchen counters with household cleaner.
  11. Straighten stacks of books/magazines/things (hopefully you’ve decluttered already so there isn’t a lot of stuff).
  12. Straighten sofa pillows and throw blankets.
  13. Straighten coat closet, making room to hang guests’ outerwear (we just move our coats from their pegs to our beds so guests can hang up their coats – no coat closet here).
  14. Spritz Febreze AIR the final tip to getting your home guest-ready and to make your house smell as clean as it looks

So tell me, are you hosting people for the Super Bowl this weekend?

Tips on how to get your house guest ready in under an hour! #quickcleaningtips #stressfreehosting #hostingchecklist

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