Sunday Strolls and Little Letters

 I love living so close to such beautiful mountains. 
They’re great for rock climbing, hiking, picnics, along with the casual stroll. 
This week we picked the latter – and its the perfect place to think.
Some thoughts: 
Dear Self, Please remember that you’e way happier when you’re productive, when you’ve eaten, and when you have gotten enough sleep. It makes our life so much better. 
Dear Ben, Why are you always such a stud? Thanks for putting up with me and my crazy stressed self this past week and a half. I love you for it, and for everything else.

Dear Mom, Thanks for these adorable plaid Sperrys. How did you know I’d been secretly coveting them for almost six months? I get to see you in a few weeks, and I am so incredibly excited.
Dear Bloggers, I am so excited to meet so many of you tonight! I can’t believe this idea I had way back in January is finally happening! 
Dear Romney, Way to go on Super Tuesday. I understand its kind of a pain that Obama has tried to get people to support Santorum. That just means he’s scared. He’s scared he can’t beat you. He’s trying to run against a weaker candidate. Hopefully Republicans aren’t silly enough to buy that. 

Dear Retainers, You cause my mouth great amounts of pain, but I guess thats my fault. I’ll wear you more often, don’t be offended. At least you keep my teeth straight. If it weren’t for soft foods in the mornings, I don’t know what I’d do. 


  1. Wow, you definitely do live somewhere really beautiful! I love your shoes too, are they actually pink plaid!? šŸ™‚

  2. I wish I could learn myself to go to bed earlier so I can get more sleep too…

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