Sunday Notes: Body Image

At church we had the annual awkward women’s lesson on how to teach sex to your kids (made far more awkward by the fact that a woman and her 16 year old daughter were visiting for the first time in the front row..). Someday I’ll write something about this, because for a girl with no kids I have a lot of opinions. But, I wanted to share something else that we touched on…

The way you think and talk about your body matters.

Sure, you’ve got a few extra pounds around your stomach.
Maybe you hate that your thighs touch.
You can’t seem to get rid of that flab on your upper arm.

(or me in this case)

Your body is an amazing thing.
My body is an amazing thing.

It can ingest food, digest it, and give you energy.
It can get your around your home, around town, and maybe a few more miles if you train it.
For most of you reading this, it can GROW BABIES!
It can taste, smell, and feel.
It can hear and speak.
It can love, cry, and hurt.

If you still care about those few extra pounds, stop reading this blog and go exercise – but start loving yourself, and your body. No matter what you look like, your body is incredible just because its yours.

This week was a great reminder for me. Whatever my body looks like, it is something I will be infinitely grateful for (and hopefully show that gratitude by keeping it fit). I believe there is nothing wrong or damaging about wanting to be in better shape, as long as you are being positive about you and your body along the way.

Have you ever struggled with body image? 
How do you show your love for your body?


  1. AMEN! I have recently been struggling with body image. I am a very confident person but college has definitely packed on a few pounds. I am slowly figuring out what is best for my body PLUS realizing that I need to be confident in who I am. AMEN to this post!

  2. Just wanted you to know that I read this while eating yogurt for breakfast, not a Poptart šŸ™‚

  3. LOVE this! I've always struggled with body image, and now being pregnant it's a very bizarre experience!

    We need to be thankful for all of the amazing things our bodies do for us!


  4. oh the ever so wonderful church lesson. haha man do i have some good stories of comments/questions people in my singles ward asked when the bishop came in to talk about chastity/morality.
    on a different note, our bodies are amazing. i have learned to love mine even though it is not perfect šŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for this body image post, it's always an important reminder. Having never been to a mormon service, I know nothing of this annual awkward sex talk of which you speak. I'd be interested in learning more about how your faith approaches this parenting talk through another post one day!


  6. So true. It kills me how much body image issues effect every day life and so many people. There was one day where I was like man, I'm looking flabby today. Two hours later I found out my hero was in the hospital, sick from body image issues. I remember having a lesson once on how Satan attacks us woman and our bodies because they are so precious and bring us so many things. It's the biggest, important thing he can go after, and when he makes us look at ourselves that way, he wins! I try to always remember that.

    Also, I'm very curious on the telling your kids about sex lesson. ; ) I'm in the primary so I don't get to have the cool awesome adult lessons hahahaha!

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