Summer Skin MUSTS

This summer I have a goal of having clear and healthy skin. So, I asked Jenny from SkinLa-La what the “must-haves” are for summer skin: 

1. SUNSCREEN – absolutely vital. You MUST wear sunscreen to protect your skin. But, there’s no need to go higher than an SPF30.  Higher concentrations do not really absorb into the skin. 

2. Anti-inflammatory serums – high in anti-oxidants. One of the contributing factors to aging is inflammation in the skin.  That inflammation is often caused in our teen years and early 20’s, but the damage to the collagen and elastin matrix doesn’t really show until later. 

3. Non-Oily moisturizing.  Everyone wants to slather on some thick refreshing moisturizer after being in the sun, but often these concentrated moisturizers are too much for the skin and cause the skin to become clogged and then produce excessive oil.  Use a light moisturizer, but maybe a bit more frequently.  Sometimes pure essential oils like Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E can be the best moisture even for young skin.  Use only a drop or two and you’ve got a great non-comedogenic moisturizing treatment that can be used on almost all skin types – even oily skin types.  These oils do not clog the pores.

4. Toning is also a great thing to keep the skins’ pH balanced in the summer.  This is also true for winter, but the summer when your pH is out of wack you tend to get oily and shiny.  In the winter it can cause dry skin that looks chapped and irritated.

1. 1 cup organic plain yogurt.
2. ½ peeled cucumber
3. Fresh mint or basil 
4. Tablespoons aloe vera gel.  You can use this from filleting an actual aloe vera plant.  Cut off the tip and remove the gel from the inside  OR just use some aloe vera sun burn gel (much easier).
Mix in a blender.  Make sure it is smooth.  Apply with a soft applicator brush.  Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse off with tepid (not too hot and not too cold) water.
Keep a few cooled  / cut cucumber’s and apply on top of the eyes while your moisturizing mask is setting.  It really is amazingly soothing, not just something silly shown in the movies! 
Thanks Jenny for the tips! Have you heard of Skin La-La before? My whole family back home uses these products and I can’t wait to tell you about my experience with them once they get here in the mail! 
Fun fact: I used them for all my bridesmaid gifts last summer!


  1. So true. Try to get the clear kind of aloe if you buy it at the store because the green aloe is just dyed. It's always better to have aloe (and moisturizers) free of unneccessary perfumes or dyes. Thanks for the summer tips!

  2. Great post! I haven´t found the perfect serum for me yet, still i should start using some as I turned 30 this year. Still on the quest 🙂

  3. I had no clue why I needed toner so I haven't used it…guess I need to pick some up! Thanks for the tips!

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