Summer Afternoons

Just because we take summer classes doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the season. Turns out our friends the Emerys have this gorgeous pool that we lounged around at all Saturday afternoon. Her step-mom told us to come by whenever, and beware Wilson household, the Gringeri’s might be frequenting your backyard for the next two months. 

End note: I am looking for new friends for July. Check out my sponsor page if you’re interested 🙂 
Oh and are you going to the Soel meet-up in Provo tonight? Brooke and I are if you want to go with someone! 


  1. sounds like seriously so much fun. that pool looks freaking amazing. i would be there everyday. seriously.
    also, i'm pretty sure i'm not cool enough for the meet-up.


  2. You and your hubby are so precious together. =) And I would just like to say something really weird, haha. You are always dressed very modestly in your pictures – even bathing suit pictures. I think that's admirable!

  3. Wow what an amazing pool! This looks like so much fun 🙂

  4. So jealous! I'm taking a summer class as well and am SO done with it. Luckily I only have 8 days left!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Me + the Moon! 😀 Following you back via GFC + Twitter 🙂

  6. Just found your blog and it is adorable! Wish i'd heard about the meet up in provo sooner! I'll have to make it to the next one. Can't wait to see your future posts!
    xoxo kinzie

  7. Looks like you had SO much fun! I LOVE hanging out at the pool! LOVE your cute swimsuit too! 🙂

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