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Back home we live in a forest. I never really thought of it like that till I went off to Utah for school but one thing I really missed about New Hampshire were the trees. Nestled into these trees, we’re spending the weekend watching General Conference. 
I’ve been tweeting my favorite parts of each session and loving spending time with the family in-between. Here are a few of my favorite bits from Saturday:
  • There exists today a great need for men and women to cultivate respect for each other across wide distances of belief and agenda. // the whole time I was listening to this talk I kept thinking of our political system and how we need a big dose of respect just about everywhere
  • Let us have the courage to defy the consensus … and stand for principle.
  • Even if everyone is doing it, wrong is never right. // in the world we live in, sometimes I need this reminder
  • If we choose the right, we will find happiness in time. // they went on to say that happiness isn’t immediate, or else choosing the right wouldn’t be an act of faith – – I firmly believe that …that doing right brings happiness
  • Christlike love can change the world.
  • Marriage brings a fullness of joy and happiness as we learn to put each other first. // so, so true


Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! 
shoes: ℅ Persunmall (these pumps are on my wish list) 
skirt: ℅ Chicwish
blouse: 7 For All Mankind via TJ Maxx
belt: Forever 21 (similar)
blazer: Loft (thrifted so quite old, I’m sure)
bag: thrifted 
bracelet: ℅ iSanctuary 






  1. I'm from upstate NY so I totally felt the same way about all the trees when I first moved out to Utah! The mountains are great, but I think you miss what you're used to! I love the blazer in this look! Too bad they probably don't sell it anymore!


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