Spring Uniform with Aeropostale // New Hampshire

^I should have hung the shirt in the bathroom while showering (way easier than ironing) to get rid of the suitcase caused wrinkles….but I forgot about it until looking at these pictures 

After thirteen hours in a car yesterday, we made it to New Hampshire! We’ve learned our lesson (the easy way) and are making audiobooks an essential part of road tripping. It makes it infinity more enjoyable. 

Have any of you read Divergent? We listened to it on the way home from Florida last month and listened to the sequel yesterday (haven’t quite finished it yet). I’ve concluded they’re a more poorly written version of the Hunger Games (which I love) and while sometimes we nitpick the grammar errors or awkward dialogue, they’ve been great entertainment for our long car trips. The romance is a bit uncomfortable and the premise of the book a little unrealistic, but it keeps us going so I won’t complain. My youngest sister is begging us to take her to see the movie… I’ll keep you posted. 

My sister is also begging to borrow this entire outfit I picked out at Aeropostale last week. We snapped these this afternoon here in New Hampshire and I can tell this is going to be my late spring uniform: white/light denim, loose printed blouse, denim jacket. Effortless and comfortable that will transition well to summer.

jacket: ℅ Aeropostale 
pants: ℅ Aeropostale
top: ℅ Aeropostale (sold out online but my store had tons of them)
shoes: ℅ Sperrys

P.S. Not pictured is this amazing bag at Aero (almost bought this one too).


  1. Divergent is definitely better written than The Hunger Games. I guess the huge difference I noticed is that the faction aspect of Divergent is explained SO much better than the districts are in The Hunger Games. I still liked both books. But Divergent should not have been part of a trilogy. It should have just been a solo book, in my opinion.

  2. Girl I love you! I have so many things to say to this right now. 🙂
    First, love that shirt. It even looks like it is long enough that it wouldn't look awkward on how tall I am. Second, I can't bring myself to read those books, I am burnt out of that genre right now. Finally, third, I love/am-super-jealous-of how often you get to travel. Is it cool if I live vicariously through you?

  3. I've never thought of hanging my tops in the bathroom while showering, will definitely try that soon! Ah I love Hunger Games and have yet to read Divergent, I hope it doesn't disappoint! Oh and your outfit is great!!
    An Unblurred Lady

  4. I love this look! It's so preppy, but also really classy, and it's perfect for transitioning into spring. You look gorgeous!

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