Sometimes it’s the little things

Sometimes its the big things, like a meaningful moment of reflection or connecting with a family member. And sometimes its putting on a dress and just getting out of the house.

We’ve spent the last week as a family up at the lake. Some days I unplugged completely and others I was trying to squeeze in a video shoot + a photoshoot with two children who refuse to nap in a shared room (wish us luck in the fall!). You can guess which days I’m hoping for more of.

On Instagram this weekend I shared about the power of small changes and it resonated with so many of you. I’ve only been a little bit better since posting that on Sunday but, in the spirit of SMALL changes, I’ll still call it a win. I’m trying to spend less time in front of a screen and more time 1 on 1 with family members. I’m looking for more physical books to read and less energy spent being frustrated about things I can’t change. I’m really just hoping to spend more time loving my life and less time only living it.

Do you ever feel like you’re just trying to get through a day, just to realize that tomorrow is going to be the same thing? I find that with babies so often I’m counting down ’till bedtime, to a few minutes of peace and quiet. But it’s worth reminding myself that I CHOSE this, that I LOVE this (most of the time).

And it’s also worth getting dressed and taking myself out every now and then, because sometimes its the big things, but a lot of the time it is just the little things.

And speaking of big things, this tote Coach sent over earlier this month is making me all sorts of happy. Usually if I’m leaving my diaper bag at home I grab the smallest bag I can find (just to balance out the entire household I usually lug around). Now, though, I find myself pulling this beauty along and I don’t have to begrudge Ben asking me to hold his wallet or keys when we’re out.

So here’s to making better small choices, and letting ourselves find happiness in in just getting out of the house.



Tote: Coach, c/o

Dress: Old Navy, no longer available

Shoes: Bella heels via Madden Girl, c/o

Watch: Daniel Wellington, c/o

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