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Hi friend!

I just got back from teaching a handful of teenage girls about the art of make-up + skincare and it has me really wishing someone would have taught me the power of minimalist makeup and staying hydrated back in the day (and I could have avoided some of these style faux-pas #dontjudge). Anyway, I’m just sitting down and putting into words what I’ve been thinking and planning for this blog lately. I really love this space. I love that over the weekend, when Ben and I couldn’t remember how we spent our third anniversary, I pulled up the blog post and reminisce over all the details. I love that in those early months of motherhood I made time, despite the sleep deprivation, to take pictures and write out my thoughts. I love that when I need my favorite roll recipe for dinner, I just pull up the blog on my phone.

I’m also really grateful for YOU when you stop by. And I’m grateful that because of it, I get the chance to help support our family doing something I really like, while staying home all day with a baby I love. Plus, I find a lot of value in having something outside of diapers and nap schedules to think about, to work toward. This hobby might have turned into a job, but writing and photographing and creating is still a passion of mine …and I’m thankful you stick around to be apart of it.

So, with 2016 already well underway, here’s a bit of what you can expect from me and this space:

*disclaimer: I make no promises for mid June – mid July #maternityleave
  • New content posted every morning M-Th (with maybe a bonus post on a weekend here and there). A few of you have asked for more regular content, and I think having a set schedule will help keep me organized and help keep me writing. 
  • Just as many pictures, with more words. I have really fallen in love with photography over the last few years of blogging, but as I go back and read old posts from years ago, I miss the theraputic writing that used to happen in this space (when a Valentine’s post was an essay of love that reminds me of exactly how I felt about Ben back then instead of just a list of what we did that year with some pretty pictures). 
  • Video! I’m not quite sure how often yet, but this is something Ben and I are really excited about. We’ve been playing around with our new equipment and I really hope to be able to capture some family memories. We’re planning on documenting family adventures + day-to-day life but I’m thinking about including other short videos on style and cooking as well (is that something you’d watch?). 
  • A weekly newsletter with exclusive content (and by that I mean personal news I may or may not be sharing on the blog later) + updates. I’m not quite ready to get started but you can sign up here to get the irregular ones now (I shared our second pregnancy with friends using the newsletter a few days before it made it on the blog). 
I’m planning on continuing the recipes, style posts, and family adventures you see here regularly but would LOVE to know what you would like to see more of or what you wish I’d include. 


P.S. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and have been going through old blog posts. If you want some old, unedited, and pretty unfiltered Elisabeth there’s this post on why you shouldn’t read my blog, this post made me a bit sappy,  and these pictures of our box fort made me laugh. I also stumbled upon an early outfit post and these tips for happiness which resonated with me today.


  1. I love reading blogs about people who are around my age who have already started families. I feel like the media makes starting a family while young seem uncool, but your blog, along with a few others, make me excited to start one! I also love your blog for it's positive space <3


    India |

  2. Video?! Now that is an exciting plan. I've tried it many times, but am too camera shy haha (can style bloggers be camera shy?). I love reading your blog and keeping up with your family, even if I haven't been commenting much. Glad to read that you'll continue to write and share bits and pieces with us! šŸ™‚

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